Skyrim Looks Great On Playstation 3

TMC: First and most important of all, PS3 only owners can breathe easy, according to Nick Breckon, Bethesda Community Manager, the Playstation 3 version of the game is looking very good.

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Xwow20082642d ago

Cool, but Bethesda i really want to see the PC version.

vsr2641d ago

PC = Direct x 11
Xbox = Direct x 9

PS3 is Open GL.It's different and don't use DX (Microsoft's)

evrfighter2641d ago

PC is where its at. Where else are you going to get patches from the community that fix over 1800 different bugs.

xAlmostPro2641d ago

I think it's 100% safe to say this comment was not correct if the 360 is the lead platform -_-

Masterchef20072641d ago

i really dont get why its the lead. Its a lot easier to port from the PS3 to the 360 than the other way around. Expect the PS3 version to be crap cause of this. Cause lately devs have been lying about platform parity.

xAlmostPro2641d ago

@Masterchef Exactly, they should have learned by now.

However i'll still be getting it for my ps3 because i loved oblivion elder scrolls. If it doesn't have has as many glitches fallout new vegas did i'll be happy.

Julie2641d ago

Me too then mabe i will buy the PS3 and 360 ones too if the game is really good as it should , and finish it on all 3 platforms :) i am crazy like that lol :p

Pc of course will be the best one for me i love mods (tessource) , but i also like to play on consoles with a controller a lot :)

Anyone knows if the loot will be awesome like in Morrowind or boring leveled loot like on Oblivion?

Shanks2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Can breath easy because Bethesda's Community Manager said it looks 'great as well'? Are you high? What did you expect him to say? I think i'll wait for a PS3 footage.

Don't get me wrong, I really hope PS3 only owners will get a solid port but come on, this is just PR crap.

N4PS3G2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

He could have stayed on silence until november and piss off a lot of worried gamers like some one else did... *cough* CRYTEK *cough*

Be glad they're open to talk about their versions.

Shanks2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Well I don't really care since I have a gaming PC.
But I do hope PS3 only owners will get a solid port.

nycrekid2642d ago

The Ps3 version of Oblivion ironed out a lot of the bugs and look good so I don't have any doubt they will do well with the Ps3 version of this. However I have a pc that can run it so I will buy it there for the mods.

Silly gameAr2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

That's true. I do wonder if they'll wait a month before release to show some actual PS3 footage though.

Motorola2642d ago

The PS3 version of Oblivion looked better and had less loading area... when going through the world. So i wouldnt see why it wont be the case with skyrim

YodaCracker2641d ago

The PS3 version of Oblivion was better because it came out a year later than the 360 version. This is a simultaneous release, so it will almost certainly not be the case, but rather vice versa.

ravinash2641d ago

So what your YodaCracker is that they would have learned nothing from their time producing Oblivion on the PS3.
If 360 is the lead platform then I'm sure there will be details that drop for the PS3 if its being ported, but this isn't their first PS3 game, so I'll wait and see ow it comes out.

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paintsville2641d ago

I think this quote from the developer says it all "We do a lot of graphic development first on the xbox just because it's smoother"
Pretty much what we see and here from all of the industry.

Kon2642d ago

PC version is where you should buy this game.

plb2642d ago

No, you should buy the game on whichever system you like :)

nycrekid2642d ago

If they have proper support for gaming pad on Pc this time around I don't see why you would buy it on console if your Pc can run this on max. There will be plenty of mods for this game on pc.

Silly Mammo2641d ago

Never underestimate the appeal of playing while lying down on your couch.

cochise3132642d ago

So you're finally down to one bubble huh? See where trolling gets you?

Darkfiber2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

So now you're automatically a troll if you're not a PS3 fanboy? That makes sense.

If Bethesda's track record (and the track record of most multiplatform RPGs) shows us anything it's that the PC version will obviously be superior in any way. You are in denial if you think otherwise. Bethesda games always look better, run better and play smoother on PC with fewer bugs, always. Period. There is no disagreeing with this statement unless you are completely ignorant. It's not an opinion, it's fact. Plus, PC is the only outlet for mods that potentially add hundreds of hours of new gameplay that console owners will not have access to. This is also fact. That's just how the game is set up, period. There is no disputing that.

Just because you can't get it through your head that something can be better than your beloved PS3 does not make other people trolls. Perhaps you should look up the meaning of the word before throwing it around.

Darkfocus2642d ago

it's a single player game and a series that's famous for it's mods as well as being very buggy(the PC community usually fix's things faster than the devs)and you can just use a pad if you prefer it that way...PC version is the one to get...unless your a trophy/achievement whore...or have a crap rig...

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slavish32642d ago

wow that footage was 360! damn games have come along way. I maybe able to wait a little longer for next gen,lol

Lord_Doggington2642d ago

amazing work! i actually thought it was the pc version.

not surprised to see the 360 version as the lead platform, tho

slavish32642d ago

yeah i thought it was pc too!!!!!!!!!!!!

awiseman2642d ago

Yea I was thinking nice PC graphics then I heard it was Xbox and I was like 0O

NeutralGamer2641d ago

Wait is those xbox screenshot? Holy shit can't wait to see PC shots then!

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