Duke Nukem Forever Wants You in the Credits Roll

CtrlAltKill: As long as you had some sort of contribution to the creation of the long in the making game, Gearbox wants to make sure you get credit. As AC/DC once said, “Stand up and be counted, for what you are about to receive.”

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Hitman07692700d ago

I'd love to be in those credit rolls ; ). Duke Nukem 3D was amazing.

Tomarcus2700d ago

I made a contribution, I always stole Duke's bubble gum. I am responsible for an iconic line. =P

BangBangSami2700d ago

lol I love my Duke Nukem soundboard! lol I even gave it an appearance in the Gamerz411 Podcast.

Infiny2700d ago

That's great! ... But good luck with the spam, many will send fake info just to get in the game credits lol.

AndrewE2700d ago

can't wait to see the results!