Is Beating Up Chicks in Supremacy MMA OK?

It's been done before, fighting man against women in a videogame. The question is does the intense and bloody fighting found in an MMA game seem appropriate for this kind of action? Is this being added to entice more women gamers or has it been added so guys get the chance to give some women a smack-down? One thing is for certain, adding women is getting the extra press and that's probably pleasing a lot of folks at 505 and their PR firm.

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im sorry but... what the hell are you talking about? they are fighters! it their job... they get paid to fight, just as guys do. its the same with boxing, theres female fighters there too. they are not in the games but they could for all i care. how about smackdown vs raw games... females. the blood makes the difference? i dont see how thats a problem. if someone plays that game and just play as female beating up other females and get off on it that same person would have gotten off to seing it live, watching pics of beaten up females etc. its the same thing as with violence in video games. Games doesnt kill people, mortal kombat does....too many people are so old fashion when it comes to this. i said it before and ill say it again. when i saw my first female mma match i was blown away, and so was the crowd. i salute the fact that female fighters are finally getting recognized, bloodied or not.

NukaCola2769d ago

unless there is a mode where you are actually just beating women for no reason, which I doubt, then's a game about fighters. There are women fighters out there.

Is every article a moral attack at games? I mean what is next? An article saying "Will playing games on Sundays send you to hell? I mean the articles are getting out of hand.


i think the game PAIN should be banned.... seriously..... no sarcasm.... at all...

docsavage2768d ago

I like that idea NukaCola and you've even provided a quote! According to one individual "...playing games on Sundays send(s) you to hell" so clearly there is a correlation to videogames and going to the "bad place."

It's actually an opinion piece centered around the press release and the new screenshots that were released today.

Pozzle2768d ago

I can't believe this is an issue in this day and age. For how many years have there been fighting games where you can pit a male character versus a female one?

TronEOL2768d ago

I don't get it. This won't make men get more comfortable to the idea of hitting girls. If anything, it'll teach men that girls can beat you to a bloody pulp if they are trained to fight.

I've known girls aren't weak or less than men for a very long time, they are even BETTER than most men at doing many things, too.

It's normal for these types of articles to come out, but it does get kind of silly. Not to mention you can't put men against women, I'm sure.