A bunch of 3DS unboxing photos

Check out a bunch of 3DS unboxing photos, including comparison shots with the PSP and previous DS models.

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zootang2341d ago

A lot bigger than I thought and it opens up.

2341d ago
prodg522341d ago

I might have to pick one up when it drops stateside.

bananlol2341d ago

Hope thats a psp go because otherwise the 3ds wont be that portale. And whats up with the lack of a capacitive touchscreen?

Trroy2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Its a PSP-3000 (or maybe a PSP-2000), not a PSP Go, pictured next to it.

The Go is not much larger than a cell phone. The DS line has always been about the same size as the stock PSP line.

DigitalHorror812341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

That is NOT a PSP GO. At best, it's a 3000. 3DS will sell fairly well, much better than the NGP will, but honestly, I would rather have the NGP. Or both.

gumgum992341d ago

That black one is soooooo sexy! =_=