Killzone 3 75 Minutes of Cutscenes

Havent got the game but you want to watch every single cutscene? Here's every single one compiled together.

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a_bro2698d ago

the Captain should of just took out his pistol an pwned rico with it for being an idiot.

redsquad2698d ago

When Rico realised he'd ballsed things up and made matters worse he mellowed an awful lot.
Character development; something KILLZONE 3 isn't supposed to have, according to some reviewers.

hennessey862698d ago

ive completed the game on legendary and ive started the campaign on elite. Awsome game

Kon2698d ago

Cool, it's like a movie.

Terarmzar2698d ago

I am confused at how it begins. I thought Visari was dead? but yet he is talking at the beginning as if he never died

eggbert2698d ago

that was a flashback, it says "6 months later" right after his speech.

Focker4202698d ago

That was a speech he was making the day he was killed.

Neo Nugget2698d ago

Why would you watch the cinematics for a game you don't have?

xtremegamerage2698d ago

Have a read and look at pics and vids.

Real Review plus proper screens.

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