Why I think Kinect will be the best.

See what I thought about motion controllers and why I think Kinect will be the best of them all.

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theafroman2770d ago

hardcore gamer here. the only motion control games i care for are Nintendo ones because they're the best.
as far as the hd consoles goes for motion i dont give a rat's arse about them.

TomInc2770d ago

I think the Wii is awesome!
I've come to realise this even more after playing through a preview of Skyward sword and seeing its full utilization of Motion Plus!

PlayerX2769d ago

I agree Nintendo is the best. Also I can confirm 100+ comments for this.

Bathyj2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Care to clarify why Nintendo's controls are the best when everyone knows the Move is more precise.

And regardless of technical prowess, you can throw all that out the window if theres no good games for it. Killzone 3 is the new benchmark for implementation of motion controls in a game, and it doesnt force you to use it if you dont like it either.

I dont, good for him, I'm glad he enjoys it.
But he said it was the best and I was wondering on what he based that on and why the others arent good enough. Why do you care if I want to know? I was just asking for an honest answer, not a fight.

Jezuz2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

he likes it, why do you care if he likes something that you don't prefer?

Best for him! Not a fight? "And regardless of technical prowess, you can throw all that out the window if theres no good games for it." Have you ever played some wii games with your friends or something? Wario-ware?

meganick2769d ago

I think he was just trying to say he thinks Nintendo has the best motion-control games.

Bathyj2769d ago

Well, thats fair enough then.

I dont agree obviously but that doesn't matter, its his opinion.

NukaCola2770d ago

The motion craze kind of died off after the holidays. I mean the stuff is still selling, but I am not feeling the hype anymore.

Godmars2902769d ago

Kinects's main weakness is MS's lack of creative resources. They had no real focus when they "discovered" it, and are depended upon 3rd party devs to show what - if anything - its capable of.

Nevermind like NukaCola pointed out, motion control is pretty much dead. The failure of the Wii to thrive and keep its momentum is proof of that.

DelbertGrady2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

"Kinects's main weakness is MS's lack of creative resources."

At least they had enough "creative resources" to make something that stands on its own legs, instead of just blatantly copying the Wii.

rockleex2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

They didn't even make it. They bought it from someone else who had been trying to sell that tech for years now.

But no one else cared for it.

Plus, controller free gaming was blatantly a rip-off of the Eyetoy.

Not to mention, Sony's motion controller had been in development since before the Eyetoy came out. A quick Google search will show proof of that.

Your FUD fails.

hoops2769d ago


And Sony plain out copied Sega and the Dreameye as that was the first camera based gaming tool.
Your point?
They all copy. Thats how business works.
Then MS copied Sega also with Kinect because Sega had the Activator.
You see. THEY ALL COPY. It's not just MS. Sony does it also.

ChrisW2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I'm interested in Kinect, but not for the 360.

My image of the future of Kinect is in the office where one can use it to make things like presentations have a little more pizazz. IMO, gaming is just the surface of Kinect. I hope to see a plethora of practical uses within the near future.

dalibor2769d ago

Give Kinect and Move some more time. Still to early to see the full potential of the gadgets unless you go by sales. I say give them two years and than you have more to work with. Unless you already know which one you prefer already but even that could change later on.

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