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RipTen: Dragon Age, like Mass Effect, has a very large fan-following. It stood on its own without the sci-fi jewel we love needing to back it up because it wasn’t just Mass Effect with a fantasy-coated setting – at all. Dragon Age’s lack of “good” and “evil” in the world and the deep, tactical combat were just two of the many concepts that allowed such an amazing game to stand apart in the growing success of Western RPGs.

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Kran2764d ago

And whats wrong with that? 2 great franchising colliding = epicness

NYC_Gamer2764d ago

Dragon Age needs to have its own identity

Kran2764d ago

Have you played Bioware games? Most of them are pretty similar to each other anyway.

And I don't know how Dragon Age and Mass Effect looks too similar anyway. The only thing thats the same is the dialogue wheel.

antz11042764d ago

@ Kran,

Have YOU played Bioware games?

ThanatosDMC2764d ago

Kran... what are talking about?! They dont use the same dialogue wheel.

chainer30002763d ago

DA2 does use a Mass Effect like dialog wheel. DA:O and DA:UE did not, but DA2 will be in the final build. I bet the demo has it as well.

frostypants2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I agree DA need's it's own identity in terms of plot and story...though frankly, the DA:O plot lifted way too many elements from ME (Grey Wardens = Spectres, mysterious forces from far outside threatening the known universe, etc.).

But DA *should* copy ME in terms of interface and combat. DA's combat system was terrible. It needs to be either entirely turn based, or more action-style. The realtime-pause-realtime-pause thing is ridiculous and feels cheap and poorly thought out, as if the designers could never agree upon what they wanted to do with it (I played the PC version, btw).

DA:O copied ME in all the ways it shouldn't have, and none of the ways it should have. I also feel that the game got a lot of slack just because Bioware made it. But IMHO, it wasn't up to their standards at all.

I haven't played the DA2 demo yet. Downloaded it to my 360 last night. Will try it out over the weekend...

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Iroquois_Pliskin2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Agreed demo was amazing, and the dialog wheel was a nice addition. Better than Dragon Age's original text dialog. Also, voice dialog was the best addition in DA II.

ThanatosDMC2764d ago

My main complaint is that i cant be other races. Oh well...

Invadersims2764d ago

I've not seen someone use the word assuaged since the SAT. Well done article.


im on the fence for 2, together with Morrigan... mmmmmorrigan

Stealth20k2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

growing success of Western RPGs= people are finally realizing bioware/bethesda when most of there work was pc's besides this gen

pretty much every other wrpg sucks ass

BK-2012764d ago

*Cough* The Witcher *Cough*

Greysturm2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I liked the withcer but objectively it sucked ass.

- The original release was a bug ridden mess.
- The inventory system was downright stupid.
- The weapon and armor variety was a hairbreath from being nonexistant.
- Some plot points were cheapeaned by things like the sex card minigame. (We dont care who you sleep with but we´ll arm hell if you dare bring an orphan to another woman)
- Combat mechanics were easily abused and the level up system didnt allow a great degree of customization.
- limited customization you could not even change gerards look.

The only thing the witcher had going for it was story which is the the same reason must wrpgs enthusiasts discard jrpgs because speaking frankly it was also pretty linear overall.

Baka-akaB2764d ago

The witcher is indeed easily better

christheredhead2764d ago

if the combat and dialog for dragon age 2 is similiar to the demo then im happy. that demo was a blast to play.

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