DS Scrabble Game Shocks Parent With Derogatory Word

It's an odd thing to hear of both Scrabble and the DS simultaneously causing controversy of any kind. A man in the UK is calling for the DS game, Junior Scrabble 2007, to be recalled, citing a derogatory word included in the game. The particular word in question: "lesbo."

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MK_Red4093d ago

Imagine little Timmy going to his mother asking "Mommy, what's a lesbo?

Timesplitter144093d ago

I can imagine it. Then the parents would say "it's when women are attracted by other women", and I can't see how Timmy's life would be ruined by that.

Laexerias4093d ago

Thats gold for our Game-hating-gimp-Thompson.
Nude Contents in Kiddy Games ~_????????

Timesplitter144093d ago

Why is that a derogatory word? These parents are just being childish. "Oh noes... this word will kill teh children!"

Laexerias4093d ago


xionpunk4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

Maybe they decided to do something controversial(?) with boggle to make sales go up! just like gta and hot coffee. Dude, scrabble is hardcore. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Proxy4092d ago

I think we would all agree that Webster has destroyed one to many lives. Perhaps a lawsuit against the english language will be next. Oh noes, what will happen when english goes to jail and we can't use it anymore!?!

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