Killing children in the name of PR?

Gamers are excited about the new trailer for Dead Island. But what about gamers with children? And is this video reflective of the game, or just a excellent exercise in PR and manipulation? GamerPops' Greg Picken reacts to the Dead Island trailer.

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gravemaker2732d ago

whatever, it's just a video.

MasterChief36242732d ago

Yeah exactly... thirsty for page hits, are we?

GamerPops2731d ago

No, just sharing my thoughts. And I like reading everyone's thoughts here, especially the ones that disagree.

Kalowest2732d ago

I know right. It was a nice, deep, emotional video so lets just keep it like that.

Agent VX2732d ago

I wish the press would give dead Iraqi Children from the war just 10% of the coverage as one dead clump of pixels on a video game trailer.

Modern day press is corrupt and puts out very little in terms of truth or worth. Propaganda keeps on flowing....

JsonHenry2731d ago

I have a 4 year old daughter and it didn't bother me any. For those that don't know- it wasn't real! :/

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Baba19062732d ago

Goooooood. stop it allready. CHildren can die too! its not like a zombie would stop in front of it and think: "hmm children no good food". COme on people! but i guess not everyone is mature enough to see that this is only a fictional story of a fictional world on a gaming plattform. I mean come on everyone should be strong enough to handle it, and if you cant no one will make you buy it.
all this talking about how evil this is, makes an elephant out of a mise. its like the racism thing on RE5. How shocking it was that there are africans in africa!!! Who would have thought!

zootang2732d ago

People already killed babys in dante's Inferno. Don't know what's the problem?

Syaz12732d ago

and in dead space 2. ugh, those suicide bomber babies!

Baba19062732d ago

very true. Its the killer babys we should be scared about =D not some stupid PR stuff!

Pozzle2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

"The emotional thread running backwards through this trailer is a young girl, on vacation with her family, who is attacked by zombies, changed into a zombie herself before turning on her father, and casted out of the hotel room window to die on the lawn."

Maybe I'm just weird, but it was the entire family's struggle that was emotional imo. Not just the girl's death.

radphil2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

"Maybe I'm just weird, but it was the entire family's struggle that was emotional imo. Not just the girl's death."

No you're not weird. You're right actually. If you watch the video in reverse it's pretty obvious to see that too. Honestly I'm tired of the "shielding" that our media does so hypocritically. Apparently children are immune to catastrophic events. If it's an adult, it's fine, but if a kid is affected, suddenly it's now horrible?

Aren't zombies in general suppose to be terrifying and horrifying, NO MATTER who it happens to?

jeeves862732d ago

sigh...won't anyone think of the man that is on fire in the background? I mean...surely that hurts like a bitch. Plus now he's got glass raining down on him. Won't the senseless violence against the AWM cease?!

............................. ....(/s)

DaBadGuy2732d ago

Go read Walking Dead and bitch to the creators of that after you're done, because if one dead kid just burns your burgers, oh man you're gonna HATE the Walking Dead.

I don't, I love it I think it's fantastic. I'm not gonna spoil anything but kids die in it, sometimes in ways you wouldn't expect. Very disturbing....effed up ways.

Fuck the Governor.

GamerPops2731d ago

I do read Walking Dead (well, up to hardcover volume 4 so far), and yeah, I enjoy the book but it's rarely a happy read.

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