Is Dead Island The Best Game Trailer Ever?

NowGamer compares the Dead Island trailer the best games trailers ever created and asks: is it the best trailer ever made?

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Feckles2646d ago

My personal favourite is the Halo 3 diorama trailer. The game was never going to live up to that.

RedDead2646d ago

I think mine is FF versus 13. There is quite a few good ones though.

GrieverSoul2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

metal gear solid 4 was a good one too back in the days.

NukaCola2646d ago

I personally the love the 2min Fallout 3 trailer. It was a mini movie in itself. Also the Heavy Rain trailer "everything i did, i did for love" was really awesome. And of course the ODST trailer.

Dead Island trailer shows some emotion and kind of gave the feel bioshock did, but i never saw a PR stunt in it.

Dipso2646d ago

Ahh Nowgamer, my new favourite home of quality journalism. You really have to applaud these half baked opinion pieces that are headlined with a question mark.

Quagmire2645d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut Trailer