Killzone 3: Infiltrator Career – the most enigmatic class demystified

Gamer.Blorge writes: "In a continuing series of articles that providing some insight into each of the careers in Killzone 3, we take a look at the Infiltrator class. The Infiltrator class may be the most controversial class in Killzone 3."

Gamer.Blorge writes: "The Infiltrator class actually throws an unknown element into the mix, further enhancing the fun factor of the multiplayer mode. This class will force you to observe and strategize in ways you may not have done so before in other FPS games. While this class is quite powerful, Guerrilla Games has done an excellent job in balancing all of the classes with counter careers."

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bwazy2646d ago

I don't mind the infiltrator... I don't mind the camping Marksman, I don't mind the useless Engineer class, I don't mind the Medics annoying as hell bot, I don't mind the tacticians very limited gameplay. WHAT I DO MIND IS GETTING SHOT BY MY TEAMMATES EVERY 5 SECONDS BECAUSE THEY THINK THERE IN BLOODY TEAM FORTRESS DOING SPY CHECKS!