The Party Machine that was the N64

The Nintendo 64 was the very first certifiable party game console. In the west, Nintendo’s little black box started out with that familiar cute yet cool vibe that Nintendo consoles traditionally touted, but within a year on the market, the N64 took on a hard edge of badass marketing and college dorm party game cred that no Nintendo console to date has ever even attempted to match.

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bgrundman2766d ago

I am so glad that my N64 still works. That was my favorite console, by far.

roblef2766d ago

This is also the part where we say EVERYONE in college dorms was having parties, N64 or not.

angstygaijin2766d ago

Smash Bros., Mario Kart 64, and GoldenEye.

Those were good times.

Der_Kommandant2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Such a good times back in the day playing with 3 other friends Starfox 64, Golden Eye, Turok 2, Mario Kart 64 etc

It's a shame that local multiplayer is slowly becoming a dying breed

crunchychocobo2766d ago

I have sooooo many memories of playing Golden Eye and Mario Kart 64 in college with tons of friends. I wish there was more local multiplayer.

bgrundman2766d ago

Mario Kart 64 still holds up as one of my best lifetime experiences gaming... so much fun!