Sony can increase PS2 sales with three simple steps

Sony sells 6 million Playstation 2 consoles a year and is clearly not interested in abandoning the hardware, but following these three simple steps towards a “PS2 Plus” could have sales of the PS2 actually increase.

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Raendom2763d ago

This article raises some good points but what they're essentially descrbing is a PS3ified PS2. Which leads me to ask: Why not just shove PS2 functionality in a new form PS3?

GrieverSoul2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I kinda agree with you.
The PS2 had some great legs. I think that SONY could of done much more with the PS2 after the PS3 release. If they released MOVE for the PS2 back in the days and stayed with the hardcore with the PS3 and the casuals with the PS2, the WII wouldnt be relevant right now. If SONY marketed the Eyetoy with some wands and other acessories it would of killed the WII since the installed base would simply buy the add-on instead of a WII. Developers would of develope for both consoles since its power wasnt all that apart kile a Xbox 1 to the X360 ot PS2 to PS3.

The thing, I believe SONY/MS didnt think the casuals were so important. The WII was a joke on all levels (the name for God´s sake) but the marketing behind it was amazing. Thats what sold the WII to the casuals.

Istanbull2763d ago

I think a PS2 should be included standard in multiple things: like refrigerators, tv's, cars, computers, phones, metro station, football stadiums, planes

kreate2763d ago

Remember the days when nintendo first showed the Wii?

everyone was laughing at it.
boy did nintendo shocked everyone.
the power of the casual consumers were at that point, more powerful than the hardcore gamers.

who would of knew?

good article. it seems like they're describing pretty much a PS2.5

but sony had to move on with PS3.

gamerz2763d ago

That would be great but Sony's PS2 strategy is to sell HD Collection bundles.

kreate2763d ago

i rather play HD collection bundles on the PS3 than to play PS2 games on a PS2. that's just me.

i understand many others wants to stick with their PS2. which is also fine.

gamerz2763d ago

@kreate Even though I have a BC PS3 that does everything in this article plus upscaling and smoothing, I still buy some HD Collections.

Bought the GOW collection since I sold my PS2 ones and will definitely buy the SotC/ICO remix since they will most likely improve the framerate. Also will buy the Metal Gear Collection - hopefully it includes the first Metal Gear! :)

lil Titan2762d ago

"Would you pay $150 for a “PS2 plus”?" if i could pay but shouldnt i would pay for my [email protected]#king PS3 Slim to play PS2 games!!!

btk2763d ago

Very simple.
Make available as chipset for TV manufacturers.
Release PS2 games on USB. Every second LCD / LED comes with a USB port these days.

Viola - every PS2-enabled TV can play PS2 titles, and Sony can get royalties.

AhmadCentral2763d ago

Sony themselves released a PS2 inside a TV for £199 last year.

The problem being that if that PS2 inside the tv fails... the whole tv essentially fails and needs to be sent in for repairs. It would be hard to get manufactures to do this because of the above reason and because of the increased manufacturing cost.

Also USB ps2 games would be a terrible idea for everyone who has CD/DVD copies of the game.

NJShadow2763d ago

I can sum up what Sony should do in five words... BRING... BACK... PS2... BACKWARDS... COMPATIBILITY.

CaptainMarvelQ82763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

i can guarantee you They won't
they wont bring that feature again into new SKU's because fans will feel cheated,
putting them on psn is a better idea

NJShadow2763d ago

It's software emulation, not hardware. New SKU's wouldn't matter.

Istanbull2763d ago

wow, people still cry for a PS2 BC? Go buy a PS2, its dirt cheap, it won't hurt having a PS2 beside your PS3, everybody else does, there is no reason to shove away your PS2.

DeFFeR2763d ago

Used PS2 with cords and 2 controllers from "Play-n-Trade" around Buffalo, NY for $20.

Used PS2 with cords and one controller from Gamestop - $30.

Used PS2 on eBay or Craigslist - even cheaper (although, return policy and "warranties" don't really apply here... but $10 is a good gamble...)

Why the nonsense about BC? Stop living in the past.

NJShadow2762d ago

I do still own my PS2, that doesn't mean I don't want it on my PS3... -_-

Raven_Nomad2763d ago

The original reason Sony took out Backwards compatibility was because when the PS3 released, more people were buying new PS2 games then PS3 games and playing them in the PS3.

Mostly because PS3 lacked titles, this isn't really an issue now, but I doubt Sony wants to throw out their cash milking cow with all these HD Remakes, if they put BC back in, then there wouldn't be a need for remakes anymore and they'd lose more money. Luckily, I have a BC PS3, which upgrades PS2 games to HD anyway.

Raendom2763d ago

Sony bring it back. First thing I do? Play MGS2 and 3.

What I DON'T do, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this; is refuse to buy the HD remaster of Ico/SoTC. That is one game that just HAS to be replayed in High-Definition, with trophies.

Similarly GoW collection. If I never played 1 or 2 do I buy them on PS2 or just spend a BIT more and get the high-definition version?

It's like Blu-Ray, there are certain older films that enthusiasts just want to experience in HD.

gamerz2763d ago

That's what I'm doing right now... playing MGS2 and have MGS3:Subsistence on order. MGS2 is still a really good and fun! They are making the Metal Gear HD Collection to be released this Christmas.

tudors2763d ago

I am buying a PS2 soon, the games are very cheap, £3.00 will get you a really good game.

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