Atlus: "No plans" for Catherine in North America

If you’re waiting for Atlus and Team Persona’s bizarre erotic horror-arcade puzzler Catherine to be localised, you may have to wait a little longer: Atlus’ US PR have stated, very apologetically, there are currently no plans for a North American release.

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SnakeMustDie2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Just announce Persona 5 and I'm happy

Istanbull2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Forget Persona 5, Persona games, while they're very good, are for teenagers.

I want Atlus to work on a hardcore SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI game on the PS3!

SMT:Nocturne/Lucifer's Call is the ICO of the j-rpg genre, seriously, this game is a form of art!

I also want to see a Devil Summoner 3 and Digital Devil Saga 3 on the PS3.

kreate2704d ago

anyone know if there are english text?

"japan-only" means there's no Hong Kong or Korean version either?


Nitrowolf22704d ago

I wish all games would come with the additional language, that way if someone doesn't get the game in their country there is always the importing option.

IDK maybe it should become mandatory to have multiple languages on the game (at least in text)

Ryo-Hazuki2704d ago

Nocturne was one of the greatest rpg's ever IMO

Theonik2704d ago

There is an Asian version but no English subs so it won't do!

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SaiyanFury2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Yeah just like Square-ENIX had "no plans" for Star Ocean 4 for North America on PS3. Just like SEGA had "no plans" for Yakuza 3 for North America. Just like Namco-Bandai had "no plans" for Eternal Sonata, Tales of Graces F, and Tales of Vesperia on PS3 for North America. Hi Atlus, I'll just wait until you announce it for North America, considering the launch day sales of Catherine exceeded your entire game run sales projections in Japan. Seeing as your game works, I'll be waiting. :)

Theonik2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

To be fair Scamco still has no plans for ToV PS3 for North America ;)
And Ryu Ga Gotoku(Yakuza): Kenzan won't get localised.

SaiyanFury2704d ago

Actually, before Namdai announced the release of Tales of Graces F on the ToGF website, the contorted logo of Tales of Vesperia was shown. Just before that, the contorted logo of ToGF was shown. I've known for a long time that Namdai has been working on the game, all signs point to the game being released. Believe me, it's coming.

Titanz2704d ago

I don't know who it was, but...

Great guess! :P

scruffy_bear2704d ago

This months OPM in the UK has a rumour that it get a UK release this summer, I'll guess we see if it happens

christheredhead2704d ago

the key word is currently. so hopefully we'll see a us release in the near future. if not ill probably have to import it. the game looks really interesting.

UltimateIdiot9112704d ago

If they release it in Europe, I'll import it if I have the money.

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The story is too old to be commented.