True Gamer of the Week: Dianna Lora aka Gripants

GamerFitNation places a weekly spotlight on Gamer's who are making waves. The goal is to help Non-Gamers see the good in being a Gamer, and to show Gamers like you how you can grow in the industry. Some of your favorite known people will be spotlighted, and maybe you as well. This week we're featuring Dianna Lora of enjoy.

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BLACKBIBLE2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I should take a screenshot and send it to her lol but she is beautiful indeed.

AAACE52769d ago

In love?... Beautiful?


On my scale (1-10) she scores about a 3.7!

Entire face is screwed up! The only things she has going for her is hair, skin and the fact that she is a female... but based on facial features, that's in question as well!

Maybe i'm just too picky or maybe i've just had a lot of good looking women in my time.

bfigaro2769d ago

Yall are a mess. I think that is why yall LOVE having female TG.

MyaSharona2769d ago

Agreed Brit. But also huzzah for girl gamers that rock it.

Neckbear2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

-Roll a character, make sure to be FEMALE. This is a charm-only run, and being female boosts greatly said stat.

-Add zero points to Intelligence, Strength or Cunning, instead add all to Charm

-Get a gaming console, that alone makes you a member of a certain, special Guild called "Gamers". Being Female makes said Guild to accept you more easily, hell, you can even romance some idiot if you feel like it. This will also make you join an "elite" section of said Guild, conformed only by females. It is important to note that you MUST repeat over and over your own sex, as it makes you fulfill your own delusions of superiority, and thus, increases your Stamina and Ego. Using a picture of yourself while communicating with your own guild online also helps, as it makes your sex clearer. Repeat "Female gamers" over and over, as well, just like a battlecry.

-Post ridiculous pictures online, the Charm you added before will be CRUCIAL for this point

-Remember to type something like this: "^_^ im a female gamer guise dont hit on me lol"

-See how you breeze through the game

-We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen. Watch the credits roll.


Opinions and sense of humor =/= Trolling.

Sadly, this website doesn't know the difference between both.

xtheownerzx2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

How to be a troll in one easy step.
-Have one speech bubble

@neckbear i musta read your comment wrong in my head then, anyone's opinion is valued bc its what you think. its just at this day and age whenever there is a woman involved ppl tend to be idiots about the situation. Thats the issue i feel this site is trying to bring out.

shiner2769d ago

Haha, so true Neckbear.

I own or have owned all those systems and then some. Unfortunately, I don't have the money required for the operations to make me a "True Gamer".

NJShadow2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

From what I can tell, when they say "True Gamer", I think they mean gamers, or industry folk, with balanced lifestyles. If that's the case and you have a balanced life, you probably do fall within their definition of a "True Gamer".


I don't know if you want to be a true gamer or not. If you're trolling or not, but one thing I'll tell you is that having money isn't a requirement. If you feel you or someone else should be a true Gamer please email us at [email protected] explaining why you or someone else should be a true Gamer. Point blank we care about Gamers and health in general. All thats really required is that you've done something to help the gaming community, changed it, encouraging, etc... After the reviewing process, it's voted on and a questionnaire will be emailed to you.

NJShadow2769d ago

I love these weekly features. Looking PAST the gamer side of folks is kind of refreshing.

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