Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City rumored

Rumors, much like the walking dead, seem very difficult to keep buried. On that note, a new Resident Evil game is in the works. What surprised us was that we now have word that the game will take place in Raccoon City. Hopefully that can only mean one thing: classic brain eating undead foes will make a return. More details on this rumor coming up shortly.

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bebojet2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Good news so far, I just hope it's nothing like RE5.

And easy with the DLC.

FOXDIE2770d ago

lets hope crapcom does not screw this one up!

NickN4G2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Bring back Leon Ada and Claire please. I've had enough of Chris and his massive hulk arms. And Weskers camp style is played to death. He can wait until RE8 or something to make his flamboyant return

bebojet2771d ago

Wesker was such a bad ass until he was the main villain in RE5.

Pozzle2770d ago

Wekser? Camp? Maybe in RE5, but he was an awesome scheming backstabber in the earlier RE games. If he's going to be in "Operation Raccoon City", then I hope that's the Wesker we see.

Pozzle2770d ago

I'm just glad we're returning to Raccoon City again. I've been dreaming of seeing the city in HD PS3 graphics. *sigh*