The Top 10 Innovations In FPS History

This week sees the release of EA, Epic and People Can Fly's Bulletstorm, a shooter that actually threatens to do something a little bit new in a tired but incredibly popular genre. So what other innovations have there been in the history of gaming's favourite violence simulators?

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flappersack2729d ago

Levelling up in Counter Strike? I don't remember that.

DelbertGrady2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

"Destruction (Battlefield Bad Company, Red Faction)"

This adds so much to multiplayer gameplay in BF BC 2. Blowing down walls and buildings is key to winning the game, on almost every level.

@flappersack - If I remember correctly it cost money to buy equipment. I think that's what they refer to. But still, there was no real levelling in CS.

Quagmire2729d ago

Yea, Red Faction's environmental destruction.

And what about Mirror's Edge Parkour? It's being implemented in a new game called Brink.

DeviateFish2729d ago

Dark Forces had free look before Quake, I believe. Ability to look up and down anyway, which could be controlled by the mouse.

bozebo2729d ago

"Red Faction's blastiness ... didn't really change the battlefield" - yes, yes it did.

madpuppy2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

What the Heck, Duke Nukem 3d has free look, limited destructible environments, interaction with non-essential set pieces (toilets and sinks ect.) jump and crouch before anybody else. Duke 3d came out in Jan of '96 and Quake came out in December of '97.

the writers and editors of Gamerzines should go back to their old jobs...possibly shoe repair.

maybe I should get my shoemaking tools out of storage, you are right PHNAX, Dark Forces came out a year before duke3d and did have free look, jump and crouch. Damn!, how could I have missed that? I even still own the PC version of the game as well as duke3d and ROTT. :P

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