Battlefield 3 versus Killzone 3: HD Screenshot Comparison

GB: "So how is the game stacking up against the recently released Killzone 3? I know it is early to compare Battlefield 3 with an already released game but this comparison will help set our expectations from DICE when Battlefield 3 releases later this year."

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Hanif-8762769d ago

How are you really gonna compare PC footage to a console game?

hennessey862769d ago

the two games period. The only game that really has the same graphical style killzone has is gears. now im not saying gears is better but that they have the same graphical style. Its the same with comparing it to crysis 2 its pointless. they are both aiming for different things graphically.

Hanif-8762769d ago

Yup, both games have a completely different art style. Hense, comparing the two isn't really a rational thing to do.

RedDead2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

You can still compare the quality. Art style is preferance but quality is quality. For example I could say I think Reach looks better(just an example imo KZ3 l still looks better) than KZ because of the Art style, however KZ3 technically does look better no matter how you put it. BF3 judging from the Vid looks better, it looks simply amazing imo, it looked Real to me half the time.

Edit---Realy though, like it or not the Ps3 is from 2006 and it's stuck there. New PC shi* come's out every year or so. A 2011 Pc game SHOULD shi* all over any game on 2006-7 hardware.If the game's don't then it's the Dev who isn't utilising the new tech.

King_of _the_Casuals2769d ago

Not game is already out and the other still has half a year to go!!! But man, oh man....Battlefield 3 is looking SICK!!!

NukaCola2769d ago

This isn't needed. Killzone is nothing like BF, so comparing PC resolution polished shots to it seems to be for hits only.

The real enemy is COD and all FPS should strive to destroy that, not each other.

LunaticBrandon2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Love it when someone jumps to art style. Killzone is trying to look real it just does it with different colors and lighting because of the planet its on. They are completely comparable and Battlfield 3 though still in alpha is the clear winner. The PS3 has better hardware than the 360 when used right and yet PS3 fanboys are so quick to compare Halo to Killzone but when its Killzone to a PC game its nothing but "its not fair". If the BF3 looks like that on destructible versions of BF2 maps the game is going to be so far ahead of anything on consoles its not even funny.

NiKK_4192769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

wow, way to take the worst screenshots of KZ3 and pit em against BF3 (on PC no less) and call it a comparison, just wow

both look awesome imo, but we can only hope that BF3 will look at least close to what it does in the video on consoles

Lawliet2768d ago

Not even a week in KillZone3 release.
You have...
KillZone3 VS Crysis2
KillZone3 VS BulletStorm
KillZone3 VS Battlefield3

KillZone3 is one mothafuking Badass taking all on.

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Xfanboy2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

64 player sized map! with BF3 graphics holy crap!

arjman2768d ago

The only thing you can reliably compare Killzone 3 to is Killzone 2 end of story...

Now moving onto Battlefield, what can I say...incredible...

Thats it really...

mittwaffen2768d ago

Even I play killzone 3, and find this article a JOKE!

BF3 will be far greater on the real question is this..

WILL BF3 for consoles look as good as killzone 3?

plumber152768d ago

how do compare when BF dosent have any gameplay

Theonik2768d ago

How are you gonna compare a trailer with 5 seconds of modified footage with anything period.

muDD2768d ago

bf3 made kz3 look like a cartoon...

ShadowRyuX2768d ago

My question is why the KZ3 shots are of such poor quality? They look almost as if he looked on youtube for SD gameplay and pressed print screen.

Also I like how picture 3 is captioned "Sniper Action" when I am quite certain that the B3 screen is of a carbine assault rifle with an acog scope, not a sniper. I'm only nitpicking of course, but still.

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halocursed2769d ago

Daamn Frostbite Engine 2 is a generation ahead.

cyborg2769d ago

I guess they weren't kidding when they said, BF3 is a next-gen game being made this gen. DICE know their shit

Hanif-8762769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I've never been this excited about a game EVER in my life. I'm even searching for new PC equipment CPU,GPU, Motherboard etc. I'm already getting it for my PS3 already but this game looks to freaking good in the footage running on PC for me to not want to play this game at its full potential.

ct032769d ago

Yup, but what's with the third comparison? Suddenly the top image looks crap and the bottom one much better. Did they switch the order?

Pixel_Enemy2769d ago

Really? did you really think that Battlefield 3 looked a generation ahead of Killzone 3? Because to me they both looked good. I do agree that I like BF3 a bit more but they looked damn close in my opinion.

hoops2768d ago

Its a generation ahead because one game has a total destructible environment and has those graphics and the other game does not.
And all the lighting, HDR, Global Illumination is done in real time with that interaction with the environment.
That makes it a generation ahead.

ShadowRyuX2768d ago

Killzone still has a lot of special effects and filters while having partial destruction. So I'd say B3 is more like generation 7.5, not generation 8.

Kon2769d ago

Sorry but BF shits on any other FPS.

Optical_Matrix2769d ago

Why do it? Based on 43 seconds of footage.

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