Declassified: SOCOM: Special Forces Co-Op

PS Blog EU: As we move ever closer to the games completion, we’re happy to go into detail about everything the game has to offer, which is quite a lot! In addition to its cinematic single-player campaign and highly addictive online competitive multiplayer, SOCOM: Special Forces also features a co-operative multiplayer mode where up to five people can play through a number of dynamic missions set up specifically for co-op play.

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Kors2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

SOCOM 4:US Navy Seals is known as SOCOM:Special Forces in PAL regions.

Dante1122728d ago

Looks pretty cool. I'm really looking forward to playing this game when the beta drops.

AAACE52728d ago

You answered my question. I was wondering if they changed the name of the game. It does sound catchy though!

NukaCola2728d ago

I think that's kind of funny because The SEALS are Navy Spec Ops which is under SOCOM(Spec Ops Command) while Special Forces is under USASOC(United states Army Spec Ops Command)

These are two different regiments under two different branches.

BTW, I am not making any point or anything, just stating something I find funny.

Chubear2728d ago

"Customizable Co-op stringing together upto 4 maps and missions" - WIN

"If you run n' gun you will get destroyed in this game" WIN

5th vid down showing 'Abandoned' type SP stealth map gameplay - WIN


FanboyPunisher2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I guess they had to rename it in the EU b/c no one would be buying it if it had US Navy Seals on it in the EU.

Rename to due the USA's tarnished reputation.

lodossrage2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Stupid comments from stupid people I guess.

Dude, country "reputation" had nothing to do with the naming.

And since the U.S. reputation is so "tarnished", show me a country that's pristine.

What pure, innocent, spotless record country to YOU come from FanboyPunisher?

LevDog2728d ago

Being a SoCrack addict since Socom 2. Im still not sure about the direction the game is going.. They are trying to much to be like COD.. Listening to Zippers Podcast. They stated they wanted to make it more main stream.. Which can ruin what SOCOM is... NO more lobbies, which is just stupid to me.. The Magic that was Socom 2 has be slowing bleeding away with each new title..

I would rather have a Socom 2 HD remake then the new Socom

NexGen762728d ago

I couldn't agree more with you.....Just give us SoCrark diehards Socom 2 HD.But I going to keep a open mind about this game.

LevDog2728d ago

Oh no doubt I will.. I mean Just being a Socom Die hard.. I will ALWAYS give Socom a chance.. and give it the benni of the doubt.. But like I said listening to that podcast and having some of the heart break of previous titles.. Im a lil wary

lodossrage2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

But they already told everyone classic mode is still in the game if you don't want to play with all those new age bells and whistles.

So the worrying is almost pointless

LevDog2727d ago

Not true.. Who knows what classic mode will be.. Will it have lobbies? Will it have classic view? Will it have quick button layout? Will it have handguns instead of 2 primarys? Will it be Ranked? Just because they say its classic.. Doesnt make it Classic.. IT could be a new age look on a classic game play

lodossrage2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

What makes you think it ISNT?

When the same guy that was interviewed on on how irritated socom vets were about all the new age bells and whistles he blatantly said "Classic mode is for all you long time players, with no cover, no regenerating health bar, etc".

Now as for your questions, why not go an ask them yourself at their forum. They've been pretty good with answering their fanbase.

But giving the timing of what he said AND when he said it leaves me to believe classic mode is exactly what you probably want. It's probably safe to say they have lobbies considering it's almost the norm. But who are you asking this stuff to? If you're asking ME, I can't give you the answers you seek. All I can say is what I myself read which I quoted.

And on that note, if it was "new aged" then why even bother calling it classic in the first place?

GodofSackboy2728d ago

Wow, i think I might get this game, that footage looks awesome, never played a Socom game :(

Tripl3seis2728d ago

I'm down for this the game is looking very very good so far and this addition just made my decision better day 1 baby!!!

James Vanderbeek2728d ago

most anticipated game this year.. cant wait to trade in black ops for this.

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