MyGames - Gamers are bad car drivers?

"In an investigation made by Continental Tyres, they concluded that gamers are bad drivers." - MyGames

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limewax2726d ago

who the hell is this guy to tell me not to drive if I play a game? Seriously the crap this site approves is going above and beyond, next I wont be allowed to fap one out because my button mashing skills will have earned me a 90% chance of snapping it in in half

Big_L2726d ago

I play tons of racing, GTA etc games and I consider myself an exellent driver

I can do legal driving properly, but on top of that I've done things like burnouts and corner drifts when the street is empty in like 2 tries since I know the basic mechanics from games like GT and Burnout.

Actually, I've avoided going into the ditch once in the winter just pulling the knowledge of crash avoidance out of burnout: revenge

limewax2726d ago

Funny you say that, the ice close to had me in a ditch for the first time last winter, I can only thank games and a racing wheel for the right judgement on how much to countersteer and for how long. Plus I bet GT academy spawning pro racing drivers would say otherwise too

Gran Touring2726d ago

Indeed, myself and the other GT academy drivers would say otherwise as well. Heck, I even turn off TC and stability systems when I drive on the road. All that electronic crap; I've learned it just gives a false sense of security.

Shackdaddy8362726d ago

Aren't gamers mostly <24? So a study doesn't really say much at all seeing that most gamers are people who have been driving <8 years...

ChrisGTR12726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

hmm.. ive been gaming since i was 4 and im an exellent driver,ive been driving for 5 years and not a single ticket or crash yet.

andron6662726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Hmm.. I have been playing games longer than I have been driving, and yet I have 15 years of accident free driving behind me...

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