Screenshots from the game Battle: Los Angeles

New screenshots from the game Battle: Los Angeles for Xbox360, ps3 and pc. The game is from the movie with same name.

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Dlacy13g2771d ago

Its a shame this game is a movie tie in game as I am not holding out hope that this will be a great game given the tie in aspect. That said, this movie's story/premise is something that just fits in nicely in the video game world. With the right time and a high end developer something really fantastic could have emerged. As is, I will give Crysis 2 a nod over this game for Alien Invasion of Earth game for 2011.

sp1deynut2770d ago

...these screens are tied to a link as I am not wasting my time clicking the "View screenshots" link. :o

Seriously....these $#@%ing foreign sites need to be IP banned from posting news here.

extermin8or2770d ago

personally I'm going to give resistance 3 the nod for best alien invasion of earth game :p (not graphics but overall) although guess you could argue thats more occupation of earth lol

Chnswdchldrn2770d ago

But are the Chimera actually INVADING Earth, or have they been there longer than we have known? hmmmmmm.....hmmmm

extermin8or2770d ago

@Chnswdchldrn if i remember correctly they were here 1st then killed and from human perspective are now invading xD

cochise3132770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I really hate movies video games; most of them are basura.

gravemaker2770d ago

another crap movie license game... when they are cease to exist?

DEagle-izer2770d ago

I have 0% confidence in cash-in, budget movie to game licensed adaptations.