Skyrim Trailer Was Captured on Xbox 360

TMC: A Bethesda member has confirmed on the Neogaf forums that the footage from the recently released Elder Scrolls V trailer were captured on the Xbox 360.

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Dlacy13g2644d ago

OK, this news really just solidifies this game as powerhouse contender for GOTY. I mean, we know the visuals are not going to be any worse for any other platform that what we saw in that video...and those visuals were stunning!

SasanovaS19872644d ago ShowReplies(10)
joydestroy2644d ago

yeah i thought it looked pretty good but this means it'll look even better on PC! pretty excited about Skyrim now =)

kancerkid2644d ago

The draw distance is impressive for consoles.

inveni02644d ago

This is a PC buy for me. Games this large and this immersive need the best fidelity possible.

paintsville2643d ago

Well this news is a no brainer. It couldn't have been captured from ps3 because the frame rate was steady, didn't notice any torn frames, shadows looked awesome, lots of ambient occlusion, good alpha resolution...had to be captured either from pc or 360.

frostypants2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Go back under your bridge.

Oblivion looks great on the PS3.

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YodaCracker2644d ago

The visuals won't be worse on another platform? Aren't you aware that multiplatform games still look better on the 360 the vast majority of the time? And this is Bethesda we're talking about here. They're notorious for crappy PS3 ports.

hassi942644d ago

Well I think he meant if it's on PC the consoles will look vastly inferior. So good that it's console.

They look quite similar, and this is a new engine that was built with Xbox, PS3 and PC platforms all in mind. The PS3 version will probably look about the same as the Xbox version.

Dlacy13g2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

@YodaCracker, I know Bethesda has had some issues in the past. That said, I am pretty confident they have ironed out most of their problems for PS3 and in the interest of not turning this into a flamewar I was keeping things civil. Obviously that is impossible on N4G (see @SasanovaS1987 response).

Raider692644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Actually Oblivion run better on the PS3!But was released a time after the 360 version!And Fallout 3 PS3 after the patch run and look equal to the 360 if not better!I can say the same about new vegas because the lack of AA on the PS3 version made the xbox 360 version look better and it run better too!

SixTwoTwo2644d ago

Bethesdas games are fairly identical on consoles. Unless you game with a microscope your not going to notice any differences.

B1663r2644d ago

Gamers play games, Consoliphiles play consoles. Me, i'm looking forward to this game.

dragonelite2644d ago

Lol so its AA on 360 and maybe better textures on ps 3.

ThatCanadianGuy2644d ago

Oblivion was, in fact, better on PS3.Like the multiplats that do end up better on PS3, nobody talks about them.That would be detrimental to the fanboy mindset.

In any case, oblivion loaded faster, had higher resolution textures, improved shading and an increased draw distance.Not to mention better frame rate.That is a fact.

Will be buying this day one on PS3. :)

guigsy2644d ago

Notorious? Oblivion was better on the PS3. Granted it was released a year later but at least they took that time to improve it.

YodaCracker2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Oblivion 360 release date: 3/20/2006
Oblivion PS3 release date: 3/20/2007

What is there to talk about? I sure hope a game released a year later is going to look better. There's no reason to compare them unless they are released on the same date.

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zeddy2644d ago

if bethesda continue the way they have been dealing with the ps3 the skyrim wil look very average on it. fallout 3 looked horrific and oblivion was the same(even though you could look past it because it was an awesome game). they've had 2 cracks at it so no excuses please.

mittwaffen2644d ago


I thought that the visuals were lacking (textures) for it to be PC footage, this is good news the PC version will look amazing.

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SuperStrokey11232644d ago

I think that looked rather impressive for a console game. Good for them. Now lets just hope its not too buggy.

B1663r2644d ago

I thought it looked very standard for what we have come to expect from this generation of console... That doesn't mean the art isn't good though.

Shaman2644d ago

Yea...very standard for action games,not RPGs.

hassi942644d ago

No frigging way. That's brilliant!

JohnApocalypse2644d ago

I will not be suprised if this will run on 2 discs on the Xbox 360

Krakn3Dfx2644d ago

I think they'll probably just scale back the size of the world so that it fits on a single DVD. Each DVD on the 360 carries an additional licensing fee, and most companies like Bethesda would rather just cut content than pay the additional licensing.

B1663r2644d ago

HORSE DUCKY! They repackage the extra content as DLC, and pump the price of the game up to $120 but paid in installments.

Silber2643d ago

This is a false information, that turns up every time again. Microsoft does not charge additional fees for multiple Discs. This was discussed several times with major Nelson who cleared this up. So please do not push this BS anymore.

Anyway, i think the Modding Community on the PC will turn this great looking Game to a Monster Master Piece.

Redgehammer2644d ago

That is not really a problem, as long as it has the same feature as Castlevania LOS. Which was install both discs to hard drive and you never had to swap discs.

Dread2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

it will not surprise me if there is a five to ten gig install for this game on the playstation 3.

waiting for the stupid installs takes a lot more time than changing one stupid disc after you reach the half point of the game, and you end up with less hard drive space.

labaronx2644d ago

maybe he means the game maybe massive and open world and some locations are located on the second disc.... ala Mass Effect 2

gillri2644d ago

Its staggering what developers can do when they get to intimately know the hardware they are working on