Halo Avatar collection up on XBL

Microsoft just released a Halo Avatar collection, your Avatar can now wear the original Spartan armor. Girls can also wear dr. Halsey's lab coat, how awesome is that! Also a Halo CE remake reveal tonight just got a little closer with this!

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Dlacy13g2765d ago

This most certainly is the pre-lude to the Halo CE remake. Lets just hope MS is smart about pricing this remake out as a budget game. I wont pay a full $60 for just a HD overhall.

marioPSUC2765d ago

At the very most I'd say a reasonable price would be like $40, but I have a feeling its gonna be a full priced game for $60.

Halo ODST was originally supposed to be a $40 game because they said it wasnt really a full game, but then they decided to up the price to $60 for some reason

HK62765d ago

Actually Bungie intended ODST to be an expansion but Micro$oft (being the money hog they are) decided to sell all the maps plus 3 extras to the majority of Halo 3 players that already had the DLC. The price was not Bungie's fault.

thebudgetgamer2765d ago

agrred, i will also accept halo one and two in a package deal for forty bucks.

guigsy2765d ago

I saw this on the dashboard before. It's no coincidence that they've put these up today.

lochdoun2765d ago

Well this just confirms Halo CE HD. :]
Can't wait for the big press conference.

2765d ago
JOLLY12765d ago

LIVE MP Bloodgulch...yes please

Edman8882765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It may be nothing, but it's worth noting that this armour available to download, is not the same armour as what Master Chief wore in CE. If this were to do with a CE remake, why use the armour from Halo 2 & 3?

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