Why you should not cream your pants yet with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s full trailer

DasReviews writes: "It’s pretty annoying watching everyone raving about most triple-A’s video trailers and then bashing them for their graphics when they finally get released. Especially when those graphical problems/issues/limitations were present, even in those trailers that most of them were calling “Mind-blowing” and “the future of game’s graphics”. Bethesda has finally released the first in-game footage of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and everyone is so overly excited. And we have to wonder… how come?"

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Excalibur2763d ago

Ok, I won't cream my punts...

john22763d ago

Lol :D. Title fixed ;)

RedDead2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Who gives a shit about the graphics in a game like skyrim? no one's talking about the graphics are they? Everyone's talking about it because it's seems to have a good Combat system and's an Elder scrolls game... Finally a full on next gen one. oblivion had upgrades and downgrades to morrowind. However this is is pointing towards nothing but upgrades to previous ES games.

To me for an RPG, so long as the Graphics are decent I don't care.
Lol bethesda just pwned you Shanks, it was the 360 version you saw

pain777pas2762d ago

Wow. I am in total agreement RDD. Look the point of this game is immersion with a capital I. If it looks better than the first then bonus. New story, better combat and another 300+ hours of gameplay. This game to me is a winner. I have to digress though. I am glad that I don't have to chose between this and DA2 which I personally feel plays amazing. I love the combat now. The graphics seem good enough to. Well done Bioware.

somerandomdude2762d ago

I like everything Bethesda releases including New Vegas, and now they are even using a shiny new game engine for Elder scrolls 5. What's not to like?

BeOneWithTheGun2762d ago

Bubs and agree, sir. This is going to be MY GOTY and I will probably lose my job over it. Thank God it is releasing on a Friday before a 3 day weekend!

Shanks2763d ago

Console owners should already know that current generation of consoles can't render what we just saw in the trailer. The consoles version will probably be a nice substitution for people who doesn't have a nice rig to play it.

Agent VX2762d ago

Very True indeed...

I still have to finish Dragon Age: Awakenings yet... I have so many games on the PC I have to finish before I fire this title up yet.

bwazy2762d ago

Trailer was rendered on an xbox dude.

plb2762d ago

Butthurt because it was confirmed 360 gameplay straight from devs mouth.

Big_Dom2762d ago

Erm, should we? I mean, I do own a PC too, you know. Thing is, that was all Xbox 360 footage, so you're sort of looking like a bit of a tit right now with that comment.

No doubt the PC version will look better, though, which is promising.

Kalowest2762d ago

Who cares what system its on. If it's anything like Oblivion, I'm sold.

BeOneWithTheGun2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Hey hard drive head. If you want to be part of the PC snob crowd at least say things like your LMNOP DIK graphics card just arrived and you just picked up a red wrist guard to match your Adidas sweatpants.

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Tristanh822762d ago

this trailer was captured from the xbox............

Agent VX2762d ago

I hope your right about that, because just think how much more nice the graphics will be on a good PC.

ReservoirDog3162762d ago

Graphics aren't everything...

jarrod19812762d ago

yeah, graphics arent even a concern to me for this game. its about so much more than that. this game doesnt need to have the best graphics out there to be great. just an added bonus for me.

dalibor2762d ago

But it does help the world in the game feel more alive. Why not have both awesome core gameplay elements and visuals? And lets go further, pitch in a great soundtrack and what do you have? A great game. For the most part.

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