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The 'miserable failure' of an excuse for a storyline scores Killzone 3 below Bulletstorm in the weekly reviews on Thankfully everything else about the FPS does enough to score it a respectable 8/10.

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NickN4G2643d ago

You know what else is a miserable failure?, my Orange phone contract. I have not been able to call my girlfriend in her house for 12 months now because Orange won't spend the money to put up another phone mast in one of the most busy areas of London. I have contacted them numerous times and they do nothing. There is a whole website set up just for people to say how shit Orange mobile is.

So before Orange want to call something a miserable failure they should look in the mirror.

NukaCola2643d ago

Wait a darn moment...A phone company is reviewing games?

redsquad2643d ago

SO they liked it but for the 'miserable failure' of the story...
KILLZONE 3's story is the equivalent of Dunkirk, with political intrigue thrown in for additional depth. This narrative plays out clearly and in an interesting way, so how is that a "miserable failure"?

Oh stuff it, the narrow-minded haters will use this (otherwise positive) review as yet more reason to spew their vitriol. I'm off to play KZ3 now... it's magnificent to behold and a dream to play (and the story's pretty damn epic).

Dlacy13g2643d ago

I agree its magnificent to behold and well good to play...I wont call it dreamy. And I definitely wont agree on the story being pretty damn epic. The story is far from epic.

NBT912643d ago

The story is not epic, just the OTT action scenes are. But anyway... Who really plays any FPS for the story these days? It only really ever serves as a reason to otherwise mindlessly shoot stuff (which is awesome fun in Killzone 3, I might add)

beavis4play2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )


loved the story. also, winstone and mcdowell did a great job..... as well as the guy who voiced narville.

i'm enjoying the game a lot! my only gripe? flying around in space at the end - for me, the KZ series has always been about visceral, nasty, intense ground combat. i'd liked the final battle to have been something like that.

also - the end was VERY abrupt - who WAS that guy that the helghast soldier welcomed home? it had to be stahl, right? and what of the planet? are they going to attack earth?

there had BETTER be KZ4 sooner rather than later to give us some answers.

redsquad2643d ago

Only got my copy today so haven't finished it yet (just completed the Kazan Jungle area... beautiful!) but I did know about the section you mentioned.

And I love the character of Stahl.. he's not even in the military yet is one of the most dangerous & devious characters I've encountered in the KZ universe. I sincerely hope he somehow survives to make a return.

And the voice work is excellent, from just about everyone. God knows, I could never be a game reviewer - Gratuitous nastiness just isn't in my character.

btk2643d ago

I agree the story is a miserable failure. But other fps games are not very well known for brilliant stories either.

Move control is a bit awkward - not because of Move - but because of the DS3 control combination. I don't have a Nav controller yet. But it got me thinking how I would REALLY like to use Move control on a fps.

Now please give me comments as I think this will work well.

Two Move controllers. One for navigating the character. Use like a flight stick. Tilt forward to walk - further to run.
Left and right - obvious. Buttons for crouch, lie, cover.

Second Move controller as is for weapons.

I think a control scheme like this will be intuitive and very natural.

Scottyabanks2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

"The 'miserable failure' of an excuse for a storyline"

Really? Just, really? More childish trash talking about a game they probably haven't even actually played for themselves. Well, I'm not missing out. I'm enjoying the game. They can be miserable all day long for all I care.

By the way, that has to be the most ill informed, short, and miserably failed review I've ever read.

HungryGoku2643d ago

Look at Amazon user reviews those don't lie.

Flashwave_UK2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

bubbles lol amazon reviews are done from people who play the game properly.

redsquad2643d ago

Good point - Those are from actual everyday gamers like you and me; people who have no agenda and no thumb stuck so far up their backsides as to not recognise an acomplished game if it smacked them in the mush.

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