GAME to give Killzone 3 a midnight launch

GAME are opening 71 stores across the UK at midnight tonight to celebrate the launch of Killzone 3.

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mjolliffe2557d ago

Just under four hours to go, and I can't decide.

kharma452557d ago

I'm all for midnight launches but it's hard to beat pre-ordering online when you generally get the game 2 days before release.

Perjoss2557d ago

Speaking of getting games early my PC Bulletsotrm arrived today, it's only out here tomorrow, I want to go to GAME but I can't put Bulletstorm down, game looks stunning on PC.

Spitfire_Riggz2557d ago

Either you get the game in a couple of hours or have to turn in your sleep because you are too exited for the morning =)

zeddy2557d ago

i would cept they're asking £5 over the standard price.

xAlmostPro2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

i already have it :D got it wednesday from lol

it's awesome!

P.S the single player isn't half as bad as it's been made out.. don't get me wrong the storyline itself is nothing special(not extremely bad or anything either) but the gameplay is awesome and action packed :D

Must buy for ps3 owning fps fans :)

farhad2k82557d ago

Look's like I'll be doing an all nighter today.

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Irnbruguy2557d ago

Bought it 2 days ago anyway, would loved to have worked the midnight launch.. but i'm liking the sound of my bed..

--------2557d ago

I've had the Collectors Edition pre ordered since it was listed. Should be arriving tomorrow (friday) morning, tracked it and it's waiting to be shipped from my local postal office as we speak.

I can't f*cking wait.

NBT912557d ago

I got it on Monday... U Jelly :P

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The story is too old to be commented.