Top 10 Android games that will play better on Xperia Play

Pocket Gamer:

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is coming. You may have read some reports from the console gaming press decrying its abilities as an out and out console, stuck as it is between the two stools of an Android Xperia phone and a PSP.

As avid pocket gamers, we prefer to put a rather more positive (and less snobby) spin on things.

You know all those brilliant Android games you love to play? The ones that are even eating into your console time? Well, they'll be even better on the Xperia Play, thanks to those wonderful PlayStation controls.

Here are some of the games currently selling on the Android Market that we're looking forward to playing again with the addition of physical controls (provided the developers make the appropriate adjustments).

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bwazy2767d ago

Whatever. I just run an SNES/GBA Emulator on my Milestone and map the keys....