Homefront Invasion USA

Arriving on local shores on March 18th, Homefront has already begun to win the "Hearts and Minds" of Americans with key banner strongholds already established in Times Square, New York as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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marioPSUC2705d ago

I really do want to have atleast a demo just to try it out, it looks like a really cool MP and Single player, but Im just so on the fence about it. I would like to see a demo to see how it plays and feels. The single player looks really neat to play and the MP reminds me of battlefield

itsralf2705d ago

I'm also on the fence with this game. I'm pretty sick of first-person shooters, and Killzone 3 should keep me busy for a while. Nothing about this game has really grabbed my attention, looks like another generic Modern Warfare-esque fps.

I could be very wrong, but a demo is a must for me.

chriski3332705d ago

yea demo would be nice but from what i see this game is shaping up pretty good cant wait to play this

earbus2705d ago

Was a fan of frontlines thats enough for me to get this great birthday action.

CRUCIFIEDxx2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I've got it reserved.

If any1 on xbox live is going to play the mulit-player, add me. My tag is -- holy shit it's a surprise, it's CRUCIFEIDxx. I hope this isn't like Call of Duty-- I really want a Graw 2 experience, I want where you have to depend on your team mates or else your spawn raped.

earbus2705d ago

At above im up for it tags earbus.

CRUCIFIEDxx2705d ago

EARBUS-- lets get this shit rockin' n' rolling mate-- IF ya wanna hop on then ya need 2 hop on 'cause it's gonna get stupid after it's going.