GRTV: Deus Ex: Human Revolution interview

GRTV writes: "Jean-Francois Dugas is the game director on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and we grilled him for some answers about the very anticipated game." (Embed for this video not available.)

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Drazz2700d ago

Gawd damnit, when is it coming out!?

showtimefolks2700d ago

but was delayed without a trace and my guess is we will see it in mid summer or Q1 2012

few places which reported on the delay said the game is a massive project and some aspects of the game were not working/polished

i rather wait a extra year than play a game with bugs and dues-ex HR is setting the bar pretty high with those cgi/gameplay trailers


IV never play a deus game in my life but IV allready got it pre orders. It looks like such an adult game with good story telling. I can't wait!!

ArcturusXIV2700d ago

Excitement does not describe the warmth I feel when I wet my pants.