Dragon Age 2 Demo Is A Dissapointment To PC Gamers (GameBlurb)

GameBlurb writes, "I loved the Dragon Age 2 Demo. The game is definitely a must buy for anyone who has played the original. With a continuing story, and a new character, the game does not miss a step in Bioware’s fantastic storytelling. But after my second play-through of the demo on the PC, something didn’t feel right."

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MicrocutsX22767d ago

Well it's a shame for PC owners...but it still looks like a good game to get.

fossilfern2767d ago

Yeah it is a bit of a shame but its still a great game :)

Substance1012767d ago

Its still better on PC then console, however the game has been dumbed down for the casuals.

fossilfern2767d ago

sure what PC game hasnt been dumbed down to suit casuals ? This generation is anoying me the way great games are getting watered down.

WhiteNoise2767d ago

This article is B.S

The demo was awesome on PC.

Streamlined does not mean simplified. The combat was waaaaaaay better than DA. The A.I wouldn't disengage from pre selected attacks when an enemy entered their 'threat' range unlike in DA where they would do just that.

The HUD and skill selection etc was definitely that of a PC game. It's not like you had to toggle through the abilities FFS.

Hotbar = PC which there was in the demo.

Quickslots for potions = PC, again, which there was in the demo.

DX10/11 exclusive graphics options, uncapped frame rates, various resolutions and aspect ratios supported... again it is clearly not consolized or a port in any way.

gameseveryday2767d ago

I agree with the UI being a bit dumbed on the PC, they could've adjusted that.

plb2767d ago

You should already that this gen it goes console first, PC later. A few exceptions of course.

gillri2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

oh dear, more whinging from the PC community im getting tried of listening to them to be honest

Bioware are such a talented bunch of lads, all they want is for there games to sell more and gain wider attention which certainly hasnt always been the case

if this means casualising a few bits here and there then so be it

most console gamers would go. 'meh I would like it to be more complex, but what the hey'

PC gamers go 'oh noes, teh consolised! teh dumbed down! teh no direct x11 suuport, teh DRM!'

grow up

joydestroy2767d ago

i don't see what the problem is. i enjoyed it on PC. first time playing any Dragon Age game, too. controls were a little hard to get used to but that's because i'm not really used to playing RPGs like this on PC, or many games in general on PC.

considering all that, and i still had a blast, i'm not sure what all the PC gamers are complaining about exactly

Thecraft19892767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Have you played the demo for PC ? It was terrible With dx11 and high settings turned on with my i7 quad gtx480 setup It ran 5fps and and giant black parts all over it. It jumped up 60fp+ with it disabled but still looked a lot worse than dragon age origins.

joydestroy2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

you must have turned the extra shadows on. turn them off! that's what i did at first and had those issues. turned the shadows off, set it to DX11, high settings and 4x AA my i7-950 and gtx460 SLI had no issues whatsoever. ran smooth as butter!

hassi942767d ago

They said that DX11 isn't properly implemented in the demo and it will be in the full game. Lots of people are getting poor performance for DX11 on demo, especially Nvidia users.

And DX9 DA2 looks better than DA:O

Stop looking for things to complain about.

awi59512767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Pc gamers have a real complaint the console versions of dragon age sucked. Its easily a full 2 points higher in quality review score wise. And giving the pc guys a gimped version just like the consoles is unforgivable. And will bite bioware in the ass come launch ill just wait untill they have it for sale on steam for 19bucks. Im not buying it on launch or if they patch in the pc features the game should have.

Xfanboy2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

actually it uses dx11 :) so stfu wit I want ps3 crysis demo!! wahh wahh!! or bf3 player count wahh :( tears..

they are complaining so what it happens!!

read dice respose to question on EA forum!

very entertaining!

if anything bioware is push pc version as the best version! I need to play for myself..

Ducky2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Yea, totally... PC Gamers should just shut the hell up and let the industry spiral into the casual market.

RPGs are just inching towards becoming action-adventure games with slightly-more-than-usual dialogue.

That, and you're very good at generalizing one person's opinions over all PC gamers.

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Kiroe2767d ago

I was never a fan of the first one because it felt like it lacked polish. After checking this one out I felt the same way, on the fence about it.

evildeli2767d ago

I'm totally off the fence. I didn't care for the first one. Not bothering with the second.

Si-Fly2767d ago

Who cares about the PC Market? Bioware know where the moneys at.

Neckbear2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

...Which is why they've been dumbin' down their games, making them progressively worse, depending at how you look at it.


On-Topic with the article: "I’m going to lay out for you, BioWare is my favorite game developer of all time and they’ve done justice for almost any IP they’ve developed."

So THAT'S why he thought "I WANNA BE A DRAGON" and other bullshit appearing on the DA2 demo was "not missing a step in BioWare’s fantastic storytelling."


Which is why I said "depending at how you look at it".

BioWare used to make games like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

Now? Dumbed down, RPG-wannabe games with silly dialogue systems that don't even allow you to pick responses correctly, streamlined character growth, simplified dungeon progression, and usually, horrible, horrible pacing mixed with DLC milkin' in a whole new level.

That's in my opinion, though, just as yours is yours.



BeaArthur2767d ago

Actually they have been getting better.

antz11042767d ago

Spoken like a true elitist Neck, keep it up. :D

Zinc2767d ago

There is a definite difference between their earlier RPG's and their newer ones... There is no doubt and it goes beyond them being visually prettier. They have changed how you get to tell your own story, within their story... if that makes sense.

This isn't about being an elitist, this is about being realistic. If you look at all of their games from the beginning to right now, you can see a noticeable difference. If you say otherwise, you are either lying to yourself or are not familiar with their earlier offerings.

However, I'm not saying you can't enjoy the game... I'm not even saying I won't enjoy it. All I'm saying and what I believe a lot of other people have said or are trying to say is... there is a difference and it's easy to see.

LayingPipe2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Perhaps Bioware should make a "I live in my mom's basement" mode where you can micromanage everything about the game. You have to invest 12 hours a day in playing it because your items and gear will constantly degrade and need repairs. Would that shut people up?

im-12-years-old2767d ago

They should stop making dating simulators and start making RPGs. Not to mention the demo was terrible imo.
God it felt like a God of war clone

Zinc2767d ago


You are missing the point.

Like with any game you can take as much or as little time as you want to play it. Your bullshit opinion is pointless and well... bullshit.

Man, you completely missed the point. I realize you thought you made a funny and infinite women and money would shower on your like agrees for a 'Cool story, bro.' comment, but you need to reassess your life and figure it out.

LayingPipe2766d ago


"need to reassess your life and figure it out." LOL. Seriously? Over my opinion on a video game? got issues.

Zinc2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

@LayingPipe - "LOL. Seriously? Over my opinion on a video game? got issues." Said, *****LAYINGPIPE******

Gee, it must be because I live in my parent's basement.

Let's get real, this went above an opinion on a game, it was attacking a certain type of game player. Don't try and hide behind some kind of false modesty... be proud of yourself.

You joined not even a week ago and you already have 2 missing bubbles... let's not pretend here LayingPipe, you do yourself and everybody else a disservice.

LayingPipe2766d ago


Your extremely long posts say it all.

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