Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3: Shots Fired

The table is set for a Fall battle between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Like it or not, there are huge rivalries in the video games industry. A hyper competitive space both on and off the virtual playing field, the first person shooter is the most coveted place to own the most popular game.

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ATiElite2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I think we all expect MW3 to out sell BF3. MW3 is a game most casual gamers can pick up and in 5 minutes be competitive and have fun. it just appeals to a lot more people.

BF3 on the other hand is a CORE experience and don't expect to do anything in 5 minutes but be totally frustrated as to why you keep getting shot in the face, blown up, stabbed in the back, or why you keep crashing the dam chopper. But after a few weeks of torture you will be on your way to becoming a frag master, MAYBE!

And if you think BF2 is tough, go play ARMA II.

dannybohy2765d ago

Whichever one has Lean and Prone in gets my kaching! ;)

Paladz2765d ago

If they take MW2 and put in dedicated servers, I would actually buy the game.

As much as I hate IW for their P2P system, the game itself was AMAZING.

bwazy2765d ago

Call of Duty has no FUCKING chance against Battlefield 3. This is scientific fact.

Paladz2765d ago

Seeing as MW2 alone sold more copies than BF, BF2 & BF3 together, makes Call of Duty have somewhat of a chance.

(Black Ops did aswell hu-hu)

bwazy2765d ago

Game sales don't mean anything. Some of the best games of all time sold horribly. And OF COURSE THEY SOLD MORE, the game was over hyped and MULTIPLATFORM what do you expect?

Once again... really? Game sales mean its good? Bloody hell.

Paladz2760d ago

@Bwazy: In most cases no - Game Sales is not a definition if the game is good, however, when your games reach #1 in most sold games ever in history - You pretty much have a "good" game.

I do however, more and more move towards actually buying Battlefield 3, it just comes down to if they develop it for the PC or they develop it for the console crew.

If they do PC > Console and not Console > PC - Then I will support BF3.