Why the Success of the Kinect is Important, and Why Hardcore Gamers Shouldn't Be Bashing It

Lunch: 'I came across a rant about how motion control was destroying gaming and how the Kinect was going to be the start of a horrible, bleak, future for gaming. Such is the case whenever gaming has progressed. When the Playstation came out everyone thought the CD based format was going to be the death of gaming... turns out it was one of the best things for gaming. People screamed in terror at the thought of Microsoft entering the arena because it would take some of the development away from Japan... turned out that having more Western and European developers wasn't such a bad thing at all.

The part that caused me to actually jump onto the thread was when he talked about how he hopes the Kinect fails because there are already "too many casual gamers." Let's forget WHY it's important to have casual gamers at the moment (the "hardcore" vs. "casual" gamers argument is the worst thing to happen to gaming since G4 decided they had to be SpikeTV junior). Let's focus on why hoping for the failure of the Kinect is bad for gamers of any breed, and why it REALLY affects the Hardcore market as well.'

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btk2734d ago

The rant against Kinect is not against casual gaming. It is that Kinect was marketed as being able to do hard core games, being lagless, super accurate to the point of detecting digits etc etc etc.

All that came out of it was shovelware casual games.

Smootherkuzz2733d ago

All things come in time,take computers everytime a new processor comes out its labeled as being the fastest processor able to stop on a dime and give 5 cent change (lol),and we are suppose to step up to the new, only to find that they are already working on a processor that runs rings around the last.I see Kinect as being simular it will get better as time goes on. More games to every gamers desire will come. there are so many hacks out there that are doing wonderful things and proving that Kinect can do all the things promised,yes, they have been shown on PC but will filter down to the console level soon.To be honest I think price is the biggest issue and somethings were taken out due to keeping the down but will be reinstated when the price becomes more affordable to do so.The caption subjust to change means just that.