7 Things About the Halo Universe That Make No Sense

Microsoft and Bungie's Halo franchise has sold more games than Jesus (seriously, that guy made like, zero videogames). Halo also almost single-handedly made the Xbox successful, irrevocably changing the modern gaming industry. And Halo is also one of the most most popular and loved videogames series in existence.

What Halo is not, however, is a series that makes perfect sense. Yes, the Master Chief and his war against the Covenant and Flood has millions of fans and thousands of passionate defenders, but there are more than a few things about the universe presented in the Halo games that, well, just stretch the limits of logic... even for a sci-fi videogame set in the 26th century. Obviously, we're not saying the Halo games are bad -- we've played far too many hours to argue that (and besides, there'll be a few Halo haters in the comments to take care of that for us). These are just some of the goofier things we noticed while we were playing those far too many hours.

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cochise3132703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Halo is a great series, but I could have done without ODST though. Reach more than made up for ODST though. Bungie went out with a bang. I hope the new Halo developers are ant good because they have huge shoes to fill.

awiseman2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

While ODST was overpriced, the story was very nice, infact it would have been an epic DLC(what it was originally made to be).

Yea and 343 has gigantic shoes to fill and they more than likely will not be able to fill them. Although making mapax and DLC they seem pretty compontent.

cochise3132703d ago

Yeah, Odst would have been perfect dlc. But you can't blame them for wanting to make more money.

sdtarm2703d ago

lol that cutscene is epic.. great times

darthv722703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

is that "halo" was the name/term given to the ring world to which the humans and covenant squared off on. Setting the scene for halo 2 where there was a "2nd" halo.

Halo Reach has nothing to do with "Halo" worlds themselves so you can see they leveraged the weight of the name instead of letting it stand on its own.

Final fantasy is guilty of that as well. Reach has the chops to stand on its own. Bungie and MS should have given it a chance.

edit: @takoulya...yeah but do you think it really needed the "halo" moniker? I am sure fans of the books and games would have known it is connected. Many game series do this as a way to ensure sales of a title.

There comes a point when you have to climb out of the shadow and stand on your own. This is one series I dont want to see stuck in a rut like FF. Milking the name as a way to make $$. COD is heading down that path.

Takoulya2703d ago

It was a prequel letting you play some of the back story that was the foundation of the Covenant and Human war. It was still set in the Halo universe, albeit it wasn't about the Halos themselves, but they came after that. Either way, the game greatly improved on the core elements of Halo, and was an incredible addition to the franchise and the 360's library. It's one of the games that make me wish that I had a 360.

SixZeroFour2703d ago

yes, halo takes its name from the halo ring, but halo is ALSO the name of the game wouldnt make sense to release a game just called reach (the game that takes place on planet reach in the halo-lore) cause then ppl would think its a whole new ip and not part of the halo series

its like asking why metal gear solid or metal gear acid kept "metal gear" in their name when metal gear was the original series

DannyDammit2703d ago

How dare they question such things? Heretics. The lot of them.

jashmister2703d ago

I'm sure the flood were trapped on Halo because they would wipe out all creatures in the galaxy if they were not trapped.

ASSASSYN 36o2703d ago

Wow... someone was very bored.

-Alpha2703d ago

It was a fun read

The bit about the warthogs and human weapons is funny and true.

I've wondered the same with Killzone: they have these airships that look more harmful than sharing needles, and the weapons don't at all seem futuristic.

SixZeroFour2703d ago

with the human weapons, this guy compares a cannon and A bomb (which humans cant wield) to teh sniper and pistol (which humans wield)

that doesnt make sense...if he was using the cannon and A bomb as an example, why didnt he compare that to the MAC cannon that the humans use on thier ships?

the 2 notable human weapons that are "futuristic" are the homing rocket launcher, and the spartan laser

morventhus2703d ago

if i remeber correctly the flood being stored on halo rings was mentioned in the books if not in game... they were specimens of research or something

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