New Deus Ex Human Revolution Screens

Square release some new screenshots for Deus Ex Human Revolution

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gravemaker2769d ago

can't wait. cg trailer was awesome

Syaz12769d ago

and gameplay looks equally awesome!

gravemaker2769d ago

yeah, i expect this game to be SOOO GOOOD... i hope it will not dissapoint

DelbertGrady2769d ago

Looks good. I wonder what engine it uses?

Syaz12769d ago

i'm not too sure myself. some said it was a highly modified tomb raider underworld engine, some said it was the ff13 engine.

The_Nameless_One2768d ago

This game has the potential to be amazing or completely flop. I want this game to succeed because I think another game series will be directly influenced by it. By that I mean Thief. If DE3 and T4 prove to be a financial success then maybe they'll do another Legacy of Kain game.