Lazygamer: Dragon Age 2 demo impressions

Geoff from Lazygamer gives us is impressions on the Dragon Age 2 demo

"I spent over 60 hours running around Ferelden with my pointy-eared mage. Odd, considering I was more than just a little underwhelmed with the game’s first few hours. Glad I stuck it out, because i ended up having one of the better RPG experiences of my gaming life.

When the sequel was announced, I found myself in two minds; on the one hand I’d get more Dragon age – but on the other I knew I’d probably lose weeks of my life again. When Bioware said they’d be streamlining the sequel, doing things like limiting the magnitude to which characters can be moulded I was in two minds for a second time. It worked well enough for Mass Effect 2 – but the last thing I’d want in a fully-fledged RPG is a “dumbed-down” experience."

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Ognipode2767d ago

Sweet write up, I didn't play the first one but it looks like this one will be a good place to jump onto the series! :D

jriquelme_paraguay2766d ago

for me, was more boring
i played the first

plb2766d ago

I played the PC demo and it crashed right after character creation but before that it ran very nicely though tbh I did not like the controls on PC version so will probably pick up the PS3 one. Graphics aren't great so I'm not missing out on anything.

Stealth20k2766d ago

the problem is it is dumbed down from the first game but these idiot article writers are to stupid to even see it. There bias clouds there minds of any possible changes or flaws

despair2766d ago

I thought the graphics sucked, the bare environment in the first part was disappointing even though I understand its kinda part of the world and whats happening.

Also when I was fighting the groups of enemies it was even more disappointing as it was just point A to Point B with groups of enemies at a time and the combat actually felt a bit like Dynasty Warriors *shiver* with big enemy groups and you hack and slash at them, though the enemies don't usually stand still.

The second part was a little better but still the same, the town looked good but the character models suck badly as well as the spell effects, the graphics does not bother me but it seems like the game lost a lot of its style from the first one and seems very very simple. Hell I just ran around with 1 character at the ogre battle firing spells until he fell with no damage to me even though all my party was dead. Voicing was hit and miss with me as the chantry woman in the beginning was hard to listen, as well as the male Templar.

I still have hope for the game and today I'm going to try the PC version of the demo to see how it matches up with controls and looks. Oh yea the controls seem kinda disappointing as well, I do not like the wheel at all.

Kon2766d ago

I have only played a couple of minutes of the demo. Didn't liked what i see. They're trying too much to be mainstream.

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