"All Gamers Are Still Children": The Delusional Marketing of Dead Space 2

It strikes me on occasion that the vast majority of the world still views gaming as the deluded activity of children. That it’s something that we’ll all outgrow, and eventually attend to other tasks more suited for adulthood. Never was this attitude more thoroughly and depressingly reinforced as when I first saw the newest commercial for Dead Space 2, which unironically culminates in the statement that “Your mom hates Dead Space 2.” It’s tacitly implied that this makes Dead Space 2 phenomenally cool.

The Dead Space 2 example is hardly the worst, and it’s definitely not the first game to have a profoundly stupid marketing department, but it sticks out, to me, simply because there’s no excuse for it anymore. The average age of a gamer nowadays is 34. That’s the average. That means that for every pimple-faced fifteen year old playing Halo after school there’s a forty or fifty year old muting him on Xbox Live after work. These are people with jobs, families, mortgages. People with ca...

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UnwanteDreamz2730d ago

DS2 advertisements are no dumber than the rest. Have you really looked at advertising in magazines and on TV? I thought the commercials were alright. Better that they insult the intelligence of children then adults I say. Either way the writer (an adult I presume) gets all defensive about video game commercials? Doesn't that perpetuate the bad stereotypes?