Report: iPhone and Android gaming now a bigger deal than Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 combined

Mobile gaming now represents the mass-market ahead of traditional console gaming, according to analyst firm Flurry.

For one thing, Flurry estimates that Android and iPhone users combined now number around the 250 million mark – which easily beats the combined figure of 180 million Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 console owners. It also tops the total number of DS and PSP handheld consoles out there, which sits at around 200 million.

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orakga2584d ago

Don't you just love how these articles NEVER mention how much money people actually spend on casual games?

"Everyone plays on their phone!! Even hot chicks do this!!!" Yeah, but how many are actually paying for those games?

rockleex2584d ago

Awesome news!

So when will I be able to play Uncharted on those?


Well how about Team ICO games?


Lets try some Mario, Zelda, Monster Hunter, etc etc.


TheTwelve2584d ago

Yeah, the word "gaming" is oftentimes too broad when applied to iphone/android devices.


btk2585d ago

Makes sense. You make the device every person owns - the cellphone, give it PDA functionality, build it with good GPU, good CPU, and then gadgets / games will be in the hands of every phone owner. I personally does not play games on my phone.

pain777pas2584d ago

This is true. If handhelds are done right like the NGP there could be huge changes in the future.

slavish32584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

mark my words Iphone5 and next android will be more powerful then psp2 or whatever it will be called. this is the last gen for handhelds!!! mark my words. games on mobile cost $5. handhelds cost 49 and up. its over! the tech has caught up!!

hoops2584d ago

You said this in the last thread...enough

slavish32584d ago

2012 the end is nigh!!!!!!!!!!!!

NateCole2584d ago

When you put it that way, i think you are right from a casual point of view.

The other thing is smartphones has an advantage in terms of what people expect to shell out. $599 iphone is acceptable to people but a $599 console is completely unacceptable. Imagine a handheld game device?

I think carmack commented on this. The tech is catching up fast and the masses really don't give a crap about HD graphics on a small screen.

Everything is favouring the casual crowd. Soon perhaps even more revenue will be from casual games because of sheer volume.

While IPhone is big. The biggest player is going to be android. I guess this is why Sony opted for android for the PSP phone.

Android is going to overtake everything in the mobile OS market. Long live Google.

Incipio2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )


"I guess this is why Sony opted for android for the PSP phone"

Um...Sony wouldn't be allowed to put iOS on their devices even if they paid Apple for the right to. Apple operating systems go on Apple devices only, that's the way they roll.

And besides android, what else would they use? MeeGo? Symbian? HA!

madjedi2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

@incipio While i admit i am very uniformed on smart phones, isn't android a separate entity entirely from apple, so unless droids use IOS, exactly what does the psp android phone have to do with apple again?

When the ps3 was announced for $599 it was torn to shreds by everyone damn near, but when apple announces a new $500-800 device the idiot masses, praise apple to no end.

Hilarious double standard to me, never could see why a phone is worth $300-500 to some people, but whatever their money.

Incipio2584d ago

@ Madjedi

My comment makes perfect sense, reread NateCole's comment and then mine again.

Perkel2584d ago

noone will do hardcore game for only 5$ and still they can't sell their game to everybody because there is too much sku's.

That is the problem with PC and it will be with phones

plb2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Yeah but look at the games..they are fun for waiting in a line or on a train or bus and that is about it.

dalibor2584d ago

And that's why the experience is different. But hey, we all started gaming some how. Look at it this way, iPhone and Android games could potentially spark their interests for consoles/pc with the more in depth of games.

maniacmayhem2584d ago

And thats all it's there for, hence why most if not all iPhone and Android games are casual.

RockmanII72584d ago

hopefully all the shovelware goes to those systems then

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