Play PS3 with an iOS device

The idea sounds kind of screwy, but when you see it in action it's actually pretty cool. Pandaelf sent us at Destructoud a video demonstrating how they've put together a rig that lets them play PS3 games through an iOS device. Very long story short, video is sent to the PS3 to the iPhone (or iPad, or iPod), and at the same time input commands are sent from the iPhone to the PS3. It requires a video capture device, an input device or two and some software hacking. If it's all done right, you'll get to tap on the screen to make Kratos attack, or tap a menu item to start a game.

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captain-obvious2617d ago

so they basically did remote play which is already on PSP BUT they added the ability of you actually playing games with it ??

Denethor_II2617d ago

Your comment is hilarious but c'mon, drawing a triangle? Have you ever played GOW3 on Titan mode. Not practical; cool though.

TheOneWhoPwnsYou2617d ago

Welp, time to buy an iTouch...

George Sears2617d ago

Sweet. Hopefully some hacker would add PS3 remote support via Bluetooth.

nycrekid2617d ago

That sound complicated as hell. Why not just wait for the NGP?

yewles12617d ago

It's just a form of remote play/cloud...

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