DMC4 screens: Gilgamesh in action

Capcom didn't go to sleep after the TGS and released a new batch of images for Devil May Cry 4 showing the Gilgamesh in action.

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gunnerforlife4097d ago

this game is going to go toe to toe with ninja gaiden thats how good its going to be:D

Ri0tSquad4097d ago

Will probaly rent it but I don't see anything so next gen about this game besides the graphics.

gunnerforlife4097d ago

u know most people aint satisfied of playing the game with out beating it on dmdm thats what i do i have too beat the game at least 4 times before i am satisfied thats how much replayebility it has so just renting it wont do u any good.

Shaka2K64097d ago

If you tell me this is the game for PSP i believe you.
damn x180 again downgrading the PS3 games just like GTA4.

either way as usuall best on PS3, i cant imgaine playing an action game with the stupid x180 controler its horrible.

gunnerforlife4097d ago

yeah will theres nothing we can do about it:( i wish we could but then again i dont thing capcom and rockstar would listen to any gammer really

power of Green 4097d ago

Jesus this game has come along ways.

gunnerforlife4097d ago

for ones i agree with u it has come a long way

LeonSKennedy4Life4097d ago

Anyone comparing DMC4 to NG2 should be shot.

Devil May Cry has innovated and basically CREATED this genre! It's the best action series ever made! It DEFINITELY has a better storyline than Ninja Gaiden. Plus, the combos NEVER feel repetitive. If you don't learn the combo system, you will die. That's just how it is. I don't consider DMC a hack 'n slash. It's just too incredible for that.

Here's my top action games list:

- DMC3
- DMC1
- NG:S
- Heavenly Sword
- PoP:WW
- DMC2

^Yes, that's in order

MADGameR4097d ago

DMC4 will pwn NG2. Why? Because the DMC series has been PROVEN to be the superior series. It does'nt matter if NG2 has better graphics, because I bet you DMC4 will outsell it! Its the sales that matter the most! DMC3 pwned Ninja Gaiden Black in terms of sales.

no_more_heroes4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

There's no denying that DMC has a better story than NG, I admit that openly. NG doesn't really have a story to speak of, really. That's the only flaw with the game though, at least for me. The rest is pure awesome. It's definitely harder than DMC though and yes I played it. NG on Ninja Dog difficulty seems harder than anything I did in DMC and no it wasn't on easy. I was trying to play it like NG and reached the Fire and Wind guys in about 30-40 minutes. Reached the second to last stage of GoW 1 in two days. Sorry if it comes out like bragging or something, but that's just how it was. I'll buy DMC 4 though (as soon as I get a 360), just to have a good action game with a storyline. Hope they fix that evil camera though, same for NG 2.
DMC 3 was a rental by the way. I don't own it.

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