Will the Dead Island game be like the trailer?

Video's creator says family "aren’t necessarily specific characters you’ll see in the game itself".

It was a question that was asked over and over again after MCV published an opinion piece voicing concern over the content of the Dead Island trailer – will the emotion so successfully depicted be a core component of the actual gameplay?

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Pozzle2763d ago

I hope the full game has the emotional impact of the trailer. Make the player care for the characters and their family/friends.

I might get some disagrees for this, but the lack of this was one of the main problems in Dead Rising 2 imo. I understand the "psychopaths" would be irrational, but the regular survivors were just as crazy. None of them acted like real people- In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, some were concerned about getting a good tan, or wanting me to pay them to save their lives, or wanting to flirt with me while hundreds of zombies were swarming us. It made it really difficult to sympathise with them when they were acting like irrational douchebags.

So if Dead Island manages to make me care for the characters as though they were real, then that would be amazing imo.

I also hope the family has some role in the game, and isn't just being used in the PR campaigns.

ReservoirDog3162763d ago

I think I heard someone say Dead Island will be like a serious Dead Rising.

Sounds pretty good to me.

Quagmire2763d ago

To my knowledge, the family have nothing to do with the game itself.

Remember, the girl got attacked, and she in turn attacked her father, which in turn will attack his wife.

They're all dead/zombies anyways.

Pozzle2763d ago

Yeah, but I hope they at least make an appearance.

Maybe while they're alive.

Scotty0562763d ago

I sure hope you don't have to play the whole game in rewind.

xTruthx2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Will gaming sites stop talking about this trailer?

IT WAS JUST A TRAILER PEOPLE! Imagine if they did this for every trailer lol.

gorebago2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

i don't really know how the game could play like the trailer since it wasn't really anything more than a thematic advert for the game itself.

there's only so many ways you can make a game based around zombies:

a) frag-fest like left 4 dead
b) top-down shooter like dead nation
c) adventure-like game like undead nightmare
d) mindless kill zombies with items via hardcore japanese gameplay like dead rising

i don't really know what else they could do with the formula that will make it unique. no matter the setting, the type of gameplay, etc, you're still going around and killing hungry zombies (via headshots, dismemberment, etc).

as cool as the trailer was, i couldn't help but roll my eyes.

i'm open (and hoping) to be surprised though.

electricshadow2763d ago

There are a very small amount of games that I've played that made me actually care about the character I play as and my friends. One game that did this VERY well was the Brothers in Arms games. I was in grade eight when Road to Hill 30 came out, but I when Legett died from the tank blast, I fell genuinely sad. IMO, those games were excellent at storytelling.

If they can achieve this in Dead Island. Wonderful news! If they don't and just make the game fun, that works too.