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psman0122642d ago

Damn, i need to create an account :(

So I found it on eurogamer or something, and I must say, I was fairly unimpressed. I hoped for some raw gameplay, not another trailer. Still really cool though!

MitchGE2642d ago

It was in-game footage and that's just as important right now. The game looks beautiful and runs perfect so far. You can tell it's on a different engine just as Bethesda said. Yes we'll have to wait and see actual gameplay to judge it fairly as Oblivion/Fallout 3/NV all had performance issues, but seeing in-game footage this soon is a good sign. Also, the dragons are badass.

captain-obvious2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

this should be BUG FREE
if not
im no buying the game

and isn't that the same day uncharted 3 coming out in ??

Bloodraid2641d ago

Asking any game this generation to be bug free is a fairly unrealistic expectation. But asking of it an open world sandbox game the size of Elder Scrolls is ridiculous.

And to answer your question; no. Uncharted 3 comes out 11-1-11. This comes out 11-11-11.

jrbeerman112641d ago

so for everyone planning on buying both uncharted and skyrim, hope you can beat uncharted 3 in a couple weeks, because you wont touch it for awhile after that.

TES games demand ALL your free time, and will get it too.

Cant wait.

chainer30002641d ago

@captain-obvious, an open world game on the scale of Skyrim, like previous Beth games, simply will not be bug free due to the freedom and mod tools they give to you.

I do agree that they should be LESS bug filled then the latest adaptations of Fallout (fallout 3 and all it's expansions, for instance)... that said, I do not find Oblivion to be overly buggy, only that it sometimes requires a reload so save often and it's not game breaking. Fall out 3: New Vegas was much better off than previous versions, so I have good hope that they are doing a lot of bug testing for this game. I'm sure they want it to be a GOTY runner so...

WhittO2641d ago

Looks amazing! Have to say gameplay looks ALOT like oblivion but with better graphics, not that's a bad thing really..

Also, I hope Uncharted 3s launch isn't overshadowed!

ASTAROTH2641d ago

First ... the game looks amazing. EPIC is an understatement. Based on the time I spent playing Oblivion this game is going to consume my time. Second I dont think it will overshadow Uncharted 3. Come on guys!!! they are both extremely different games!!!!!!!

If you are looking at a sales point It will based on the multiplatform status and the 360 fanbase wich I think is bigger (based on Oblivion's sale) than the PS3 fanbase. If you are looking at a technical standpoint... again they are different. Uncharted is a more cinematic experience and Skyrym is an open (huge world) action FPS/ RPG.

Also the PS3 userbase is going to favor Uncharted 3... just the same way they favor inFAMOUS over Prototype, GT5 over NFS and KZ3 over Bulletstorm. I will get them both on my PS3( That of couse if Bethesda make a good multiplatform version on the PS3). If not I will get it on my 360. Its going to be good to be a gamer... and no it would not overshadow UNCHARTED 3... both games are going to brigth in their own turf, just as Gears 3, Resistance 3, KZ3, Crysis 2, inFAMOUS 2, etc, etc.

Spydiggity2641d ago

considering the last 2 uncharteds could be beaten in one sitting, i don't think that will be a problem.

Lawliet2641d ago

blahblahblah.. Totally off-topic. Love TPS than stick with Uncharted3, Love RPG than stick with Skyrim is that simple. Don't need a debate. Just get both game and play them till your heart's content! The best man win!

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aviator1892642d ago

Yes, I am ready to fight the dragons now.

chainer30002641d ago

Man, I wish Skyrim would come out way before or way after UC3. I am going to be playing both an unhealthy amount... already preordered both.

To many AAA games coming to the video game scene in a 3 month period (Oct - December 2011)

MagicAccent2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Thanks man! Didn't work for me either.

On topic: Hearing the Elder Scrolls theme always gives me goosebumps.
But even without it...

Well, let's just say im seriously considering faking my own death in november, so that I can play it from start to finish without having to worry about that pesky "real life"-thingy :P

Also, thank you Bethesda for not making it an mmo! :D

Daver2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Did he transform in dragon? XD because that would be awesome lol

DarkSpawnClone2642d ago


I am speechless,this is so great.
11:11:11 BRB getting my pre-orders now :D

syanara2642d ago

11-11-11 an epic game needs an epic release date, the trailer looks sick. though I just finally got away from my oblivion addiction!

NukaCola2642d ago

Getting Uncharted on Nov 1st and playing the crap out of it up until the 10th. Midnight buy. I am stoke this looks to be even better than Morrowind and that was my favorite one.

superadvanced2642d ago

i hope i dont have to play as that guy

mattkelly19912641d ago

have you ever played an Elder Scrolls game? You make your own guy.

SaiyanFury2641d ago

I loved the Viking-infused Morrowind theme, that was fantastic. The in-game footage was absolutely stunning. Vibrant, colourful, smooth, and detailed. Much more so than any other game by Bethesda this generation on any console. Wonderful. It's no wonder that this is singlely my most anticipated game this year. I don't usually wish for the passage of time, but come on November 11th!

jrbeerman112641d ago

This has to be my most anticipated year for video games to date. there is so much to be excited for and it looks like the industry is saving the best for last.

ReservoirDog3162641d ago

Oh I hate that spider.

Other than that, might be the best game ever. And looks no where as stiff as Oblivion and FO3 did.

Yay November.

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No Way2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Oh my...... dragons! :)

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Lamarthedancer2642d ago

All I get for the youtube is

"The Video is not yet processed"

Agent_S2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Well here's the one I just watched with no problem

Julie2642d ago

The music is from Morrowind!!! Yaaaaay! i can't believe it! :D

Is the music from Morrowind but with voices :)

rawrockkillz2642d ago

WOW!! That looks pretty much amazing!

lastdual2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Indeed. A thing of beauty.

God those new towns look awesome. And everything... Gaaah! *explodes in nerdgasm

Edit: For those having trouble with main page or waiting for Youtube to process, it's now up on Gametrailers as well!

FishCake9T42642d ago

Battlefield 3 and now TES5
This years gonna be epic.

danmachine2642d ago

That's just Fricking amazing when I saw the video had been posted on Facebook I raises my arms in spontaneous joy and smacked my elbow against my bed post.

It was worth the pain though it looks so amazing it felt like my heart was goIng to stop as I watched it.

I need a super duper uber gaming pc for this I'd glady shell out hundreds of pounds on a new gaming platform just for this at ultra settings and the mods of course.

It is going to be fricking intense

The Meerkat2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I just watched it. And it is awesome.

karl2642d ago


it looks fucking awesome..
it will be this game and not crysis that will make me buy a gaming PC....

hassi942642d ago

Looks fantastic. Not sure on whether I should get it for Xbox or PC. I know the benefits of PC but I just kinda enjoy playing on Xbox more :P

jrbeerman112641d ago

if you played oblivion on pc you would never want to touch your xbox 360 again. or at least make it stand in the corner in timeout for awhile

but seriously oblivion has the best mods, including some great overhauls and xp modes. worth getting a gaming pc for that even before skyrim.

with the gaming pc you know that if theres something about skyrim you were dissapointed in.... some guys with same opinion will change it for you.

hassi942641d ago

Yeah, I hope there's a demo for both, I have a gaming PC already so that's not an issue.

Hell I might end up getting both! :)

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The Meerkat2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I think you'll find that RDR is the best western RPG ever.

NnT32912642d ago

RDR? you mean Red Dead Redemption? It's not RPG dude

The_Ultimate_Guy2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

RDR was an RPG? Not my version of it.

I think currently Mass Effect holds the title for best western RPG. Looking forward to playing Skyrim to see if the title once again belongs to The Elder Scrolls IP.

The Meerkat2642d ago


Well Skyrim ins't a Western.


Eamon2642d ago

lol Meerkat fail.

When gravemaker said "western" he meant western developers not the movie genre.

And RDR isn't an RPG /facepalm

The Meerkat2642d ago

Wow, everyone is a bit serious here on N4G today.

MrChow6662642d ago

lol Meerkat is just trying to pull a joke, stop being so nerdy

spandexxking2642d ago

well elder scrolls IS srs business!
but yeah i found it funny

MariaHelFutura2642d ago

Mass Effect 1 is the best WRPG this gen so far, IMO.

tom012782642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Ha, just disagreed before I got the joke.
Is that what fanboy rage feels like? :)

Have a couple of "funny" bubbles to make up for the disagrees.

P.S. Trailer brought tears to my eyes, can't wait for this game :'D

The Meerkat2642d ago


Thank you kindly, pardner.

Eamon2641d ago

LMAO. Meerkat, It feels like you are trying to disguise your mistake as an attempted joke.

And did you know? The internet is serious business =P

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