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Yardie2698d ago

Great, a demo would probably be the only thing that could convince me to buy this game, footage is never enough.

dangert122698d ago

I am let down by killzone 3 online and think kz2 was better 'killzone 2 for ever' i feel as if its lost its hardcoreness and i was going to get socom but now thats changed quiet abit from what socom is ment to be so i will try this demo and i wearnt even interested in this until killzone 3 let me down or the noob friendlyness was reavealed im also thinking about brink

rezzah2698d ago

The beta for Socom isnt out yet, how is it not what it's meant to be?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2698d ago

There are some aspects of kz2 multiplayer that is better than kz3's and vice versa. I like how they removed the spawn grenades. Dislike the fact that you cant mix class abilities. Love the mechs and jetpacks. Hate how I actually have to wait on an engineer to make an ammo box before i can get more ammo. Over all I think the changes made it more balanced though.

Focker4202698d ago

News flash, the Socom beta isn't even live yet. So you're either lying, or well, lying.

ABizzel12698d ago

I think Killzone 3 is more balanced, and more about skill. Killzone 2 was great, but after throwing spawn gerenades, it would always become a spam fest of shooting and grenade tossing.

I don't like you can't mix class abilities either, but it's all for the sake of balancing.

Active Reload2698d ago

Go Go Gadget Punctuation :D

Ok, I'll quit now, lol!

-Alpha2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

I understand where dangert and other hardcore K2 fans are coming from.

Spawn nades are so much more balanced than TSAs

TSAs are biased towards teams and aren't all equal, take Frozen Damn for example. Spawn nades gave you freedom. All K3 had to do was alter them by making them destructible or making the spawn radius bigger. GOOD players threw them down in GOOD areas. Problem is that the majority of players didn't know how to use it. But when used right it was perfect.

TSAs are full of issues. I actually don't mind them much but some TSAs lack balance and throw off the game. The best solution is to allow squad spawning but GG has thrown the squad concept out the window

dangert122698d ago

no i mean like they made socom more for the casual and dumbed it down taking its socom feel away if that makes more sense

BattleAxe2698d ago

I played alot of KZ2 and I just beat KZ3 and spent most of yesterday playing it online, and for the most part its the same as KZ2 but without the rediculous one hour long matches and a bit less controller lag. Anyone who is a hardcore Call of Duty fanatic is still going to have trouble with KZ3 because its still harder to control and the weapons have alot more kick back.

I do agree though, that Socom 4 seems to have nothing in common with Socom 2 or Combined Assault. Its looking ok so far, but its a different game than it used to be.

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joydestroy2698d ago

lol cool so i'll have played the demo on all platforms. March 1st can't come soon enough!

MidnytRain2698d ago

You only buy games that have demos you've tried?

Yardie2698d ago

Only when im skeptical (i havn't played a crysis game).
And i'm usually skeptical when a game is only being hyped for it's graphics. I was the same with KZ2.
If nobody is talking about the gameplay, it probably isn't there.

HolyOrangeCows2698d ago

"Soon"? When the heck is that?

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El-Fenemeno12132698d ago

That's good news. Now i can see what this game is all about.

gravemaker2698d ago

This game is about this:
Pew Pew Aliens WeAllGonnaDie Pew Pew

El-Fenemeno12132698d ago

Reminds me of Zero Punctuation

WhiteNoise2698d ago

"Now i can see what this game is all about. "

You have the wrong idea about crysis 2 then.

Crysis has always been primarily a single player game. Crysis 2 is no different. If the MP is good, that's a bonus. But buy it for the SP.

BattleAxe2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

I totally agree. I loved Crysis and Crysis Warhead single player games, but the online part (Crysis Wars) was one of the worst online experiences I've ever had. Very poorly designed.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2698d ago

that ps3 gameplay looked good. I beat Killzone 3 in one epic 7 hour sit down. We'll see how long this takes.

awiseman2698d ago

I hear the single player is long, but you forget this is a demo...not the whole game...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2698d ago

Yea I meant the full game not the demo :)

DoomeDx2698d ago

First 4 levels take long to complete.
The rest of them are quite short. beated in 10 hours, no rushing.

joydestroy2698d ago

wow 7hrs? that's cool man. i started it up yesterday and was having a really good time playing the SP. got a little far in the MP too. unlocked quite a few things

Focker4202698d ago

It feels longer than 7 hours though doesn't it?? For me it felt like I was playing much longer than I really was (which is a good thing).

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2698d ago

IDK. When I'm really into a game time just passes by lol. I started playing at around midnight and when I looked at the clock afterwards it was 7:40.

diehardgamer10002698d ago

well this explains it,they were probbly still putting the finishing touches on the ps3 version of the demo.its good nw cz we wont hv the tedious comparisons with kz3 cz atleast ps3-only owners get to play it for themselves n decide once n for all wc one is better for them.

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