Bulletstorm – Weapons and Trophy/Achievement Guide

RipTen: Bulletstorm has taken the video game world by…uh, storm. Most weapons in Bulletstorm feature Alternative firing modes which enables you to do a variety of skillshot combinations.

Use this guide to better understand Bulletsorm’s arsenal of weapons and to enhance your gamerscore.

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Drjft2765d ago

Enjoying the dicktits out of Bulletstorm.

kevco332765d ago

Awesome. Looking forward to the UK release...

gypsygib2764d ago

For some reason I think this game is very 5/10. Bulletstorm's game mechanic are very basic FPS are nothing special; however, skillshots, which is what the "draw" is supposed to be is interesting at first, yeah. But all in all, how many times can you whip some guy and kick them into the air or onto a cactus plant. come on many times? Can you do it for days, months or even years. Maybe YOU can, but not me