eBay Auction Asks $500,000 for NES Game 'Stadium Events' writes: "Just in case spending $60 on each new game (and then an extra $10-$30 so you own every piece of downloadable content available) wasn’t hard enough on your checkbook, there’s eBay – that wonderful online auction house where you can offer strangers even more cash for their old, but valuable titles.

A new listing for the extremely rare NES title 'Stadium Events' will separate the mice from the extremely rich men: the asking price is a staggering $500,000."

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bckids12082763d ago

I was so busy keeping all of my comics in pristine condition it didn't occur to me to maintain my cartridges!

ThePimpOfSound2763d ago

That's ridiculous. This game flared up in some auctions last year and the price was much lower.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2763d ago

Lol, Who Would Be Dumb Enough To Buy This For That Price, I Made A Offer Of 20 Dollars