Insane 2 screenshots released

DasReviews writes: "Do you remember an off-road racer that was developed by Invictus and released by Codemasters? Does the word ‘Insane’ ring any bell? In case it doesn’t, Insane was an arcade off-road racer that focussed heavily on Multiplayer. It was pure fun and had a pretty good handling. PC gamers loved and we were hoping for a sequel…"

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Calm Down Sunshine2765d ago

This or Motorstorm...

A plate of sprouts or a plate of bacon...

Kain812765d ago

i thought the game from del toro was called inSANE...

ic4ruz2765d ago


The first one was a really really fun LAN game. Even my friend that hates racing games loved this.

ic4ruz2765d ago

O shit, the developers prevoius games were MorphX and some other games I've never heard of ):

NaViTo2765d ago

I can't believe this game is returning! The first one was among my favorite games of all time. I'm anxious to see how it goes...