Just Add Water planning four Oddworld projects this year

A new Oddworld title hasn’t been seen on home consoles since 2005, but don’t worry, Just Add Water is looking to make it up to fans by releasing four new projects within the franchise this year alone.

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itsralf2554d ago

Hopefully this means one game, with three DLC packs. Not four crappy downloadable mini-games or something.

NukaCola2554d ago

The 4 plans are as followed:

1. Abe's Oddysee HD remake
2. Abe's Exoddus HD remake

^^^Both of these are still 2.5D but will sport a sexy new engine that will give it a high polished look. This isn't an open 3D game, but more in the likes of Shadow Complex and TRINE. I am excited to see this as Oddworld is one of my favorite games and the environments even today look better than most games. Seeing it rendered in vivid HD will give it a very immersive feel. I assume this will a downloadable game for PSN and maybe Xbox as well.
JAW said they are doing projects for multiple platforms.

3. Stranger's Wrath HD for PSN

4. New Oddworld Tale in the Quintology(This is rumored to reveal the 4th character in the story. But this isn't confirmed. It very well maybe the HD remake of Munch's Oddysee. So this one is my assumption.)

mcstorm2554d ago

Sweet love these games got munch again last year to playthrough as I had completed the Abe games again look forward to the next one.

Venox20082554d ago

I want games: one for Wii, one for 3DS, one for X360&Ps3 and one could be for DS :)

Relientk772554d ago

I want a new Oddworld game for PS3, not an HD remake