6 crap game design flaws that really should be extinct by now (but that we accept anyway)

Video games, when you think about it, are still pretty crap. Oh yes, we have visually stunning worlds realised down to the last tiny, billion-polygon detail. Oh yes, we have epic sweeping narratives that could make a mountain cry until it turned to mud. But games still cling onto a load of tired old crap that really is unjustifiable in the modern age. And they cling onto it because we as gamers keep accepting it. We shouldn't.

Pointless old design decisions, decades past their relevence sweet-spot. Sloppy glitches in basic, core gameplay elements that really should be second-nature to create by now. Cheap, badly-executed corner-cutting that we allow to slide again and again, just because we've already seen it so many times before. Well sharpen up, people. The only way this crap is going to change if we take an objective look and call it out for the unacceptable, out-dated balls it is. So I'm starting with these six.

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Tuxedo_Mask2770d ago

The only ones I agree with are the bad co-op AI and bad camera mechanics, the rest are just part of the game and won't be as noticeable as you get better at it. Invisible walls will always be around since virtual worlds aren't going to be infinite, although I have played a game where instead of having a virtual wall they just let you run in place until you realize you aren't really going anywhere.

doa7662770d ago

the common design flaw that I hate is when it's not clearly indicated when a boss is not taking damage from regular attacts

BryanBegins2770d ago

Yeah good point. On top of that, it should never happen that you can't defeat a boss using a regular weapon. Yes it should take way longer than if you use his weak spot, but it should be possible. But in many games, it's really: go for the weak point or no damage at all.

pangitkqb2770d ago

Good points, but lives don't bother me. The retro feel is enjoyable, particularly in older series such as Mario and platformers in general.

The invisible walls do bother me, particularly when they are NOT in an open world game. Open world is more understandable. An invisible wall in a linear game? Ridiculous.

Checkpoints are great...if placed well. And save points when I quit should be where I left off, not the beginning of the level.

BryanBegins2770d ago

For me the point I agree with is bad checkpoints. I really, really hate it when I have to go through a bad/very hard sequence again.

As for invisible walls, while I don't mind them, you have to admit it's a sign of lazyness from the developers. Just put a mountain or something and it's all good.

GodsHand2770d ago

I dont really mind the lives thing, it is like a check point for me with limited tries. The AI always blows, invisable walls suck as well, I mean what split rail fence will stop someone, it does seem for the most part be laziness from developers. Bad check points are not really an issue for me, other then having to be forced to watch a cut scene, with out the ability to skip it. Getting lost in a game is fine by me, having the game hold my hand through out the game I dont see as being fun. Cameras do need attention, unless they are fixed.

earbus2770d ago

Solve the spawn camp probs every game has some form of it .

Capdastaro2770d ago

It was pretty much game over soon as you let AI drive in Halo

Perjoss2770d ago

I dunno, it kinda reminded me of the good old days when i used to play destruction derby on the ps1.

awiseman2770d ago

Halo: Combat evolved never suffered from that problem, they were more proficcient in that than I was(when I was a noob of course)

BlackTar1872770d ago

The AI driving in Halo Combat Evolved was terrible lol. it was pretty funny though

GodsHand2770d ago

I hate the co-op AI in games.

AI: Ahh, I think I will just run infront of you because you seem to be shooting nothing, and when my hit boxes detect your friendly fire I will pull up my scripted line and complain at you for shooting me. or even better let me stand right infront of your firing, becuase you have to move to another location.

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xVeZx2770d ago

isnt forehead shooting in cod games a game design flaw?

xVeZx2770d ago

weird that that wouldnt be one of the things on the list since cod is so popular


How about this Bloody screen Regen health BS, was there some kind of gaming party and Mr health bar started getting on like a prick so everyone in the industry fell out with him?

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