Dragon Age II Producer: DAII will be shorter than Origins but will get more DLC

The next instalment in the hugely popular Dragon Age franchise arrives next month and TGL recently caught up with the game’s producer Fernando Melo to talk about all things Dragon Age II.

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jriquelme_paraguay2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

EPIC Fail...
so... its an 60+10+10+10usd FUll game?

Darkfiber2699d ago

Welcome to the new Bioware.

evrfighter2699d ago

Is he saying it like its a good thing?. Was on the fence about this one but this seals the deal. No buy.

kancerkid2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

I still haven't bought DA:O, but now that the ultimate edition is out, I will get that.

Looks like I will be doing the same here.

Edit: Now that I have read the interview (Stpid for not doing in the first place), he says this:
"oh it’s probably comparable to say Mass Effect 2, maybe a little bit bigger than that. " Well, it took me 30+ hours to complete ME2, so I am not really worried anymore.

WhiteNoise2699d ago


Just because you don't buy it doesn't mean you should miss out.

I mean after Buying DA:) collectors edition and the expansion.

Then having to cancel my pre order that was half price ($46aus) on DA2 because of the DRM....and losing my $10 if I wanted to buy it I would have to pay the $88 everywhere else is charging. + DLC + DLC + DLC +DLC.

I also bought ME2 C.E.

They can 'gift' me DA2.

jakethesnake2698d ago

I believe they are trying to tell us "Wait and buy the ultimate edition and save yourself $200 in DLC"

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blumatt2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Exactly what I was gonna say. This is getting ridiculous. DLC is a good concept IF and ONLY IF it's made AFER THE GAME IS MADE. I don't want devs. to just "conveniently" leave out certain parts that are then sold later on as dlc. That's bullshit! My opinion is that games are expensive as hell to begin with. No matter what system, the disc should be packed full of content. Leave nothing out. There should be zero empty disc space (whether it's Bluray or DVD). THEN, and ONLY THEN, should DLC be created and sold to the consumer. That way, we're not getting screwed over, as it is in this case with Dragon Age 2. I don't support any devs. that pull this kind of crap. That's why I'm through buying Call of Duty games. You buy a CoD game and then there's two three map packs that are priced at $15 a piece. Before the next CoD game even comes out, you've spent nearly $100 on that first CoD game. It's insane! Rant over.
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Wow! lol I got a disagree for being pro-consumer and pro-gamer. I'm saying we as gamers should get our money's worth and not be "nickel and dimed" 'til we're broke. If you disagree with that, then you're crazy!

DLC started off as a good concept, but few devs. are using it the right way. DLC should be made after the game is released and should be cheap. CoD map packs should be $5 AT MOST.

heroicjanitor2699d ago

It's up to people to decide if what is on the disc is worth the asking price. Forget about what isn't on the disc.

showtimefolks2699d ago

but after playing the demo for 2nd i am def buying for sure

its a console rpg no pause make moves and slow down my kind of a game fast paced action based

Iroquois_Pliskin2699d ago

What the hell is this...? I bet EA made Bioware do that shit...

DFresh2699d ago

Pretty sure on Steam if you wait long enough will have a Deluxe Edition with everything on it for really cheap.
Gotta love Steam Deals.

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wolfceek2699d ago

The demo sucked and I wont get if the dlc are free. Thats all games do now is make crap, patch patch patch and sell dlc ,dlc ,dlc.

Why were games rarely patched and usually worked well years ago? Because there was no harddrives so the games were quality out the door. If the game sucked its because the game sucked. Why do you think nintendo patches nothing. They make their games work. If it sucked its the maker but not it needing a patch or dlc.
I have all 3 systems and rarely use the wii , so this isnt a pro wii rant.

Anon19742699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Holy crap, what fantasy world did you live in? Back in "the day", when games shipped and weren't able to be patched they simply shipped broken and you sometimes wasted money on games that you couldn't even finish. You learned to rely on game reviewers to tell you when a game was fatally flawed so you didn't waste your time with a game that it turns out would botch a save 10% of the time, or cameras would get stuck in walls, or your character would just disappear for no reason, etc...etc.

This age that used to exist where every game shipped out of the door working 100% as it was supposed to is sheer fantasy. It never existed. Games shipped broken all the fricking time and at least now a company can do something about it. And you really believe that Wii games all ship in perfect, working order? Since when?

Patches are a good thing. I remember the days when a broken game was a broken game and there was nothing that could be done about it.

As for Dragon Age 2, I'd prefer a longer game and less DLC, but that's just me. That being said, Dragon Age's Awakenings DLC I think was the first DLC I purchased and actually played through from beginning to end. I actually liked the story better than Origin's story. And on top of it, they're saying DA 2 is bigger than Mass Effect 2, and that's a good thing. It's not like they're shipping a 4 hour game and then expecting you to shell out for DLC. Looking forward to this game.

WhiteNoise2699d ago


I think you'll find that back in the day developers didn't rush console games ou the gate full of bugs because they COULDN'T patch them.

I'm sure there were games with bugs but no where near as many as now and definitely not games that don't even work on launch day without a patch.

Don't make excuses for greed.

Redempteur2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )


"I think you'll find that back in the day developers didn't rush console games ou the gate full of bug"

in what timeline did you live ?

BACK THEN there were bugs ,lot of them. and sometimes it just broke the game. If you don't even know about that time period , then you weren't gaming at the time.

BlackTar1872699d ago

what a load of jargon. He does say it like its a good thing.

MegaMohsi2699d ago

so same price at DAO, shorter and we will have to pay more for the DLC??? Great.

NYC_Gamer2699d ago

so we have to pay extra for the complete game?count me out i will not let any company milk me for cash

shadowknight2032699d ago

seriously people? He just said that the game will be a little shorter than DAO, to think of it as ME2 in terms of length which in my book is good enough. Plus dont forget how much CGI is in this game compared to DAO was. in addition, he mentions that yes there will be more dlc, but c'mon what game nowadays doesn't have post release dlc. I for one am grateful since not only do I get to experience a great story that comes shipped inside the box, but afterwards I can continue to expand that story through dlc getting to know the characters even more as he mentions that the fans wanted more dlc geared towards the main character and his compainions so that's what im sure bioware will do mostly with the dlc. DLC is infact good in this case as the devs can give us more dragon age instead of a new dragon age al togehter which would mostly have them first creating a whole new engine, characters ect where in this instance the devs only need to focus on creating more story, thus we get more DA quicker in the process than having to wait out for a new sequel. CASE CLOSED

Silentmerc3nary2699d ago

I agree.
Mass Effect 2 took me around 30-35 hours to complete firs time through. I'm happy with that length for DA2.

gcolley2698d ago

this is what EA does now, that is the issue.

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