Gunner Wright Wants to Play Isaac in Dead Space Film

Hell Descent: Gunner Wright, the newfound voice of Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2 is extremely interested in playing Isaac once more, but this time in the live action film. Gunner says that he is more than ready. In our interview, he says this on the matter, “I feel like we already shot a film, one that you can play. As for DS2 live action, I already have the plasma cutter so lets roll camera…give the heart wrenching romantic tear jerker to someone else.”

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slinky1234562768d ago

That would be pretty awsome if he was the voice and actor of Isaac.

MrBubble2767d ago

Would make the most sense

PeeWizzle2767d ago

Stronger than a lion
Golem II: the bionic paper boy

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The story is too old to be commented.