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A Japanese blog iBlackBox has posted images and details of what they describe to be an accurate mock up of iPad 2 based on what it was told by the Cupertino company.

Could this be what Apple will unveil?

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CarnageXB2649d ago

That's what I want it to look like. I doubt it will though

Istanbull2649d ago

I think iPads are overpriced, no offence tho.

Raendom2649d ago

Everyone with a brain knows they're overpriced. Offence intended to all who bought an iPad.

CarnageXB2649d ago

They're the cheapest decent tablet on the market right now. Look at the xoom, playbook. The iPad is the cheapest

Cartesian3D2649d ago

sorry everybody

ITs true.. and it looks and feels good in hand if you use an Ipod touch4th you will know what I mean..

it will have 9.7 inch screen same size , same resolution (it seems from early build) with better quality and sensitivity and thiner structure.

and overal size will be alil bit smaller than ipad 1

hoops2649d ago

They are overpriced for th hardware inside or lack of it.

nycrekid2649d ago

I think they are great for presentation and stuff for work but for everyday lugging around to like dinnner and starbucks they are dorky as hell!

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militant072649d ago

I doubt it.

this desgin look cheap and hellllllllllllla ugly

plb2649d ago

I'd rather just buy another laptop than one of these things anyway.

testerg352649d ago

I love the iPad (64gb 3G). Its so much better than the Android tablets that are out. I have the Archos 101 (10" Android Froyo) and its no comparison.

Si-Fly2649d ago

I use my iPad at work and at home and have hardly any need to fire up my laptop or desktop now, really couldn't live without it!

Anyone interested in a 32gb 3G? I'm upgrading ...

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